Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi – Impressive Place You Can Visit in Georgia

By | December 29, 2021

Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi in Georgia offers gorgeous architecture fusion between Asian and European. The area of this city is not too large. So, you can explore every single interesting place in the Old City on the long weekend.

Tbilisi Old Town is the safest city in Europe. Besides, it has a wide range of admirable tourism places. You will not get bored exploring this city since there are many places to see. Besides, this city also has a lot of cafes to take refreshments.

The Location

Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi is the largest city in Georgia. This city lies on the Mtkvari River Bank. Tbilisi also serves as the administrative district. Actually, Old Tbilisi refers to Tbilisi History District.

This city houses a lot of tourist attractions. For instance, you can find museums, churches, peculiar wooden houses, and also sulfur bathhouses.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi

Tbilisi city lies down on a hillside from River Mtkvari to Narikala Fortress. For your information, this city has been destroyed and rebuilt for 29 times. But, the architecture of this city is really appealing. When you visit Old Town Tbilisi, make sure that you visit the tourism places below.

1. The Peace Bridge

The first place you can do in Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi is The Peace Bridge. You just need to go to the riverbank of Mtkvari. Built in 2010, this bridge is only for pedestrians. The night view of this beach is spectacular. It is because the bridge features thousands of LEDs.

2. Aerial Cable Car

Tbilisi Aerial cable car is not far from The Peace Bridge. This cable car connects the Rike Park and Narikala Fortress. From the cable car, you can see the wonderful view of Tbilisi Old Town. You can see the gorgeous architecture in Old Town. This cable car operates from the morning until midnight.

3. Mother Georgia

The Statue of Mother Georgia is one of the famous landmarks in Old Town Tbilisi. The height of this aluminum statue is about 20 meters. Kalis Dedas Statue is the symbol of a Georgian character. Besides, this statue represents a woman who is wearing Georgian National Dress. Also, the statue holds a bowl of wine in the left hand. Besides, she holds a sword in her right hand.

4. Narikala Fortress

After riding the cable car, you will arrive at Narikala Fortress. The original name of this building is Invidious Fort. In addition, you can find a church on the top of this fortress.

5. Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi

You can get some relaxation by taking a sulfur bath. This place is underneath the Narikala Fortress. Then, you can go to the shared public bath. But, if you need some privacy, you can pay for a private room. The service includes a scrub and massage for $20.

That’s all several interesting tourist attractions in Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi. When you visit this city, do not forget to enjoy some Georgian food and drink. Georgia is famous for its wine. When you search for recommended Georgian Food, just go to Racha. It is because his place offers delicious and affordable Georgia food.

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