One type of traveling “Doom Tourism”

By | January 3, 2022

With the concept of “doom tourism” adventurers may not be aware of the damage to their travel spots due to global warming. These things can happen if this is allowed to grow.

doom tourism
doom tourism

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, eruptions, and other disasters may sound very bad. Because of this, many adventurous spots are transformed into “doom tourism.” Realize that many natural wonders evaporate to the bulkhead. However, a lot of adventurous spots will disappear along with the development of natural damage that begins to worsen.

Definition One type of traveling “Doom Tourism”

Literally “doom” means catastrophe so that “doom tourism” can be interpreted as tourism that involves traveling to places that are threatened with “catastrophe” or extinction due to natural processes or human activities. In other words, the attraction is at an acute critical stage or at the end of its death.

Towards the time of the loss of beauty as a tourist spot, humans also hunt to visit it as soon as possible. By doing “doom tourism” they enjoy the beauty of a tourist attraction before he loses its aesthetic as a tourist spot.

Many beautiful places in the world are now threat with extinction by various natural damage or human actions. The impact of these places can hardly be enjoy anymore as an exotic tourist paradise. The term “doom tourism” was attach to him.

One of the objects that can be a “doom tourism” in Indonesia is the tropical rainforest which is now thinning. How not? Conversion of forests into oil palm land is still rife. Various endemic fauna living in it also become endangered because of it.

Other tourist attractions are small islands and clusters of coral reefs that live in Indonesian waters. The main threat of its extinction as a tourist attraction is cause by global warming that encourages an increase in sea levels. In addition, marine pollution by various waste human activities also contributes to the increasingly intensive damage to this tourist attraction.

What places to do Doom Tourism?

·         Mount Kilimanjaro

According to scientists, the mountain will disappear in about 15 years. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa and is a popular climbing spot so it has its own international airport. Not only did the melting ice change the face of this famous mountain, but nearby rivers, which supply water to many villages, shrank.

·         Ahena

As a result of gloal warming, some cities will experience extreme temperature increases. Athens tops this list. By 2020, summer temperatures will regularly hover above 40 degrees Celsius. Already a problem, will get worse, and pose a health hazard. The fate of other cities lies on the same equator including Cairo, Delhi and Istanbul.

·         Bumusi National Monument

Bumusi National Monument, Zimbabwe, a remote archaeological site surrounded by Hwange National Park and a center of ancient religious activity. It is a rare example of traditional Zimbabwean architecture and remains a sacred site.

The art of stone, as well as the ruins of its stone buildings, is threatened by government negligence. Forests and disturbing noises make wild animals living in the surrounding park disturbed. Thank you for reading the article about one type of traveling “doom tourism“, hopefully for the people who read it.

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