One type of traveling “Glamping”

By | January 2, 2022

Glamping is a combination of two words namely “glamour” and “camping”. This means referring to a form of camping that combines the essence of nature with the luxury of tent facilities. For the first time.


In 2016 glamping was included in the Oxford dictionary that type of camping, using tents and other kinds of accommodation, etc. that are more comfortable and expensive than those usually used for camping. In previously the word glamping had appeared across the UK in 2005.

History of Glamping

The Ottoman Sultan built luxurious and magnificent tents like transportable palaces, decorated with silk and other expensive materials. This is considere to be the beginning of the birth of glamping. As written by Professor Nurhan Atasoy in The Ottoman Tents “The exquisite ornamentation both inside. Out of the tents used by the Ottoman sultans made them imposing dwellings fit for a ruler.

On ceremonial occasions tents served to create a splendid theatrical setting, as we see vividly portrayed in miniature paintings depicting banquets, audiences, celebrations which took place in the imperial tent complex over the centuries.

The imperial tents were richly decorate as if they were pavilions. Often had designs resembling tiled panels, usually in floral patterns, either in appliés work using cloth of different colours. Or embroidered in various stitches using silk and metal thread.” (Turkish culture)

In the 16th century, the Earl of Atholl of Scotland prepared a luxurious experience in a highland. The Earl welcome the visit of King James V and his mother. Here, the Duke set up luxurious tents and filled them with all the supplies from his own palace and home. Glamping emerged in the early 1990s in Africa, when wealthy travelers refused to change their lavish lifestyles while on safari.

In the history of the Field of the Cloth of Gold. A diplomatic summit between Henry VIII of England and France. I of France held in northern France in 1520. At this meeting some 2,800 luxury tents were erected and filled with furniture.

What’s the best place for Glamping?

·         Les Cabanes des Benauges, St Emillion, France

Located close to the wine-producing village of St. Emillion, France, Les Cabanes des Benauges provides a leafy and tranquil atmosphere. This place provides accommodation in the form of a beautiful tree house complete with a bathroom in it. Enjoy your time off by taking a walk down a vast expanse of graceful gardens. In the afternoon, you can eat a dish of locally made bread and cheese and enjoy the best wine.

·         Slovenia Eco Resort, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia Eco Resort is a great place to vacation for those of you who are happy with things related to a healthy environment. It is located outside the capital city of Ljubljana and is about 30 minutes from the airport. This glamping place puts forward elements of balance and fitness.

take part in workshops and You will be invite to choose your own organic vegetables to eat. Take a leisurely walk or bike accompanied by a guide who has been prepare. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about one type of traveling “glamping“, hopefully for the people who read it.

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