One type of traveling “Voluntourism”

By | January 3, 2022

Voluntourism (volunteer Tourism) is the concept of empowerment and development of community-based tourism in which there is an element of tourist involvement to contribute actively in the development of tourism with the ability (skill) and social spirit (willing to help) owned so that it can be apply and taught to the village community but does not eliminate the element of travel as usually done by tourists in general.


Itself is also expect to implement sustainable tourism, both for tourists and especially for the community as the holder of control. In this case, the tourist in question is referr to as a volunteer tourist.

The beginning of Voluntourism

Initially, voluntourism was use by the Nevada Board of Tourism (NBT), also called the Nevada Ministry of Tourism, as a term for volunteers who are willing to help develop the tourism sector in remote areas of Nevada.

However, over time, over time this term changed its meaning until it became what it is now. At this time voluntourism can be interprete as a tourism activity that makes social activities as the main agenda for tourists who do it, or simply we can also call “while traveling while volunteering”.

These social activities are carried out by tourists in the destinations visited. The form of activities can be in the form of activities to clean the environment, teach, help the local community, even to the provision of health services. The motivation of these tourists is certainly different from tourists in general. Because from the beginning they really intend to do social activities while traveling.

What places can I visit ?

·         North Bali Reef Conservation di Amlapura, Bali

Seeing the beauty of coral reefs in Bali that began to be damage, the North Bali Reef Conservation agency invites tourists and volunteers to re-build and spread artificial reefs to previously damaged reef areas. This activity will also be assist by local fishermen.

To note, this institution has conducte an artificial reef monitoring program that turns out to increase marine biodiversity up to seven times compare to when the coral reef area has been destroy. Seeing positive developments, this activity continues and is very open to local and foreign volunteers who want to join.

·         Involvement Volunteers IVI di Ubud, Bali

For this type of activity focused in Ubud, Bali. This volunteer activity is devoted to Kawan GNFI who has a background in medical education. Public health education, and nutritionists (nutritionists). This is because the purpose of this activity is to provide health services. Basic education about health to schools and communities.

One of the campaigns will be teaching about first aid in accidents and simple methods of maintaining health. Hygiene that are often not carry out properly by local communities, especially in rural areas.

·         Gili Shark Conservation in Gili Air, NTB

Here the volunteers will be taught to be a shark researcher who focus on the Gili islands area. Over the next two weeks, volunteers will be invite to dive at least eight times. In addition to researching about sharks.

The mission of gili shark conservation institution is to organize a small “school” regarding sharks. All the natural wealth in the Gili Matra Marine Recreational zone. The volunteers will be give a detail itinerary. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about one type of traveling “voluntourism“, hopefully for the people who read it.

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