Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, The House of Steven’s Art

By | January 11, 2022

Robert Louis Stevenson is a famous person from Scotland that was known for his writing such as Kidnapped, Treasure Island, and more. Even though he is not here anymore with us, his work is known and remembered until today. Today, there is even a museum to remember all his works, which people call the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum.

Get a unique experience by visiting the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum where you can see the largest collections of Steven that are on display for the public. Through this museum, visitors can see exhibitions and some of the best collections they have. Now let’s see what kind of treasure and art you can see in this museum:

1. Permanent Exhibition of Steven’s Life

Inside the museum, there is a permanent exhibition where people can explore the story of Robert Louis Stevenson. Through this exhibition, visitors can see how his life began and how he lasted with literature and entertainment.

This exhibition also shows some of the treasures from Stevenson’s family such as their family artwork and photographs. If visitors pay attention, they can even see some original manuscript pages from some famous works.

2. Museum Library

Other than Steven’s great work, inside the museum people can also visit the museum’s library. Inside this library, visitors can find rare books that are hard to find from the 16th century to the present. There are around 6.000 collections of books in this library that people can read during the visit. Just to let you know, hundreds of the collections in this library once belonged to Stevenson himself.

3. Personal Materials

There are also hundreds of collections of Steven’s personal and associated materials inside the museum. His collections display a wide range of items such as clothing, toys and his scrapbook. There is even his great grandfathers’ clock inside the museum that people can check out.

Most of the associated materials in the museum are the items that helped him interpret his legacy. Some of the materials are also photographs and fine pieces of art Steven made with his family and friends. So, if you like to see Steven’s work other than the popular ones, you should check out this area.

4. Fine Art

Inside the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum people will not only find Steven’s work but also diverse and unique collections of art. Some of the fine art that you find in the museum are his collections. While others are simply related to the work he has made.

5. Other Exhibitions

Sometimes there are other exhibitions inside the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum that people can visit and see. However, normally they are for a short term, around 6-12 months only. To see whether there is another exhibition inside the museum, people can check out their official website before coming.

If you are interested in coming to the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, then make sure to come on Tuesday to Saturday. The museum is open from 12 PM until 4 PM. Whereas on Monday and Sunday the museum is not available for the public, so make sure not to come on these days!

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