Rose Garden Tourist Destination in Bulgaria

By | December 31, 2021

It rarely hear that Bulgaria is a destination for domestic and foreign tourists. But in one of these European countries, there are many beautiful destinations we should visit and visit. Before that, you can see this one country first. Bulgaria is a country in Southeastern Europe. There are many borders and lakes around Bulgaria. Rose Garden is one of the interested place.

Rose Garden

The Beautiful of Rose Garden

 This tourist destination in Bulgaria will surely be one of the most visited destinations. From children to adults. In other words, a rose garden. The location is in the Kazanlak area and takes 23 hours from the area or the city of Sofia. By visiting the eastern region, you can also visit some of the attractions of Eastern Europe.

Rose Garden

This region of Kazanlak is known to  many  as the Land of Rose. In fact, Bulgaria itself is  the largest producer of Damascus or  roses in Damascus in the world. 6070% of the world’s rose oil production comes from this one country. It’s no wonder that many people visit rose garden frequently to see  the manufacturing process first hand and  the beauty of the roses made.

You can also visit the Dutch flower gardens, which are essential for travel and vacation in this one place. This tourist destination in Bulgaria is popular with many  because it is the place where pink roses are made. Therefore, many travel agencies have decided to open this tourist destination so that many people  choose this one place.

For this reason, this rose garden is located around the valley of the Balkan Mountains. You can also visit the blue mountains of Australia. These mountains are  beautiful and interesting  and are good destinations for tourists.

The climate of this place is also very cool. Not only is there a beautiful rose garden, but there is also a breathtaking natural landscape. Not only that,  there are cozy hotels and inns here, and many people like to come to this place.

 Here you can also find a list of cheap accommodation in Perth, Australia, which is very popular with many international tourists. If you are interested in  this tourist attraction, you should come at the best time when the roses are in bloom.  Spring in  May and June. Since 1903, rose festivals have been  held frequently here. At this festival, you can experience many festivals and  beautiful rose attractions in rose garden.

Lira Monastery

Lira Monastery This tourist destination is so interesting and delightful to visit for us.  If you want to visit ancient relics that are no longer in use, but  in good condition and have lots of memories, you should visit this tourist destination in Bulgaria. The

Lira Monastery is an ancient building on the slopes of Mount Lira, over 1,100 meters above sea level, and this tourist destination offers beautiful and spectacular views. Visit the sights of Santorini, which offers the best views of Europe, and enjoy the beautiful views of this place. Almost the same with adorable rose garden.

This place has become a complex of beautiful and historic monasteries. Since the 10th century, this historic and beautiful place has been an interesting tourist attraction, and many tourists  want to see the scenery from the typical heights of mountain nature.

There are explanantion about rose garden. Hope this can be your references.

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