Visiting Royal Tombs at East of Tonga

By | January 11, 2022

Tombs may not be the first itinerary on the list when you go for a holiday. However, for those who love to learn the history or culture of a country, then visiting royal tombs is a must! By visiting tombs, you’ll not only learn about the tombs but also the history and culture of the country.

In the past, most royal tombs were closed to the public and only visited by important people or relatives. However, these days some tombs are now open for the public such as the tombs in Tonga, even though you can’t enter some of the grounds. If you’re wondering what to do and see in this area, here is a special guide to help you out:

1. History about Royal Tomb

Like other tombs in the world, in this area, people can see the high monuments and tombs of Tonga’s royal family. Almost all parts of the royal family are laid in this area to rest for the last time. However, a bit different from other tombs, the burial practices here are made based on their classes. One layer is for commoners, two layers for the nobles, and three are for the royalty.

2. High Tombs

If you pay attention to the tombs, you’ll realize that the tombs in Tong are all high and off the ground. There was a long-standing belief from the Tongans, that the higher a tomb is from the ground, the closer they are to heaven. Therefore, many of Tonga’s elite built their tombs high as towers.

3. Guide to Help Out

If you decide to visit the tombs in Tonga it is best to hire a guide with you. They will help explain the history and stories of each location. The guide will also guide you through the tour, so you know which area you can enter

4. Keep Respectful

Even though the tomb is open to the public, it is important to know that the tomb remains sacred. Therefore, people must be respectful by wearing appropriate clothing to behave well around the tomb. Make sure to not litter and keep your distance from the tombs. There are also tombs that people can’t see from a close distance, so make sure to pay attention to the rules too.

5. Operational Hours

As people can still visit the tombs from a far distance, there are no exact operational hours in this area. Therefore, people can visit this area anytime they want. However, the best time to come here is around noon so it is not too hot. And around this hour, people can still see the ancient tombs from a far distance. If you want to explore all the tombs, then spare 3 hours of your time. If not, then 1-1.5 hours is enough to see the ancient tombs only.

Even though these may not be the most attractive places to go, try to make a stop at the royal tombs in Tonga. By stopping near here, people can see the high tombs and also learn a bit of history about the royal families in Tonga.

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