Visiting San Andres Island, Get to Know the Best Thing to Do!

By | December 8, 2021

Have you set your time for the holiday? San Andres Island can be one of your recommendations for your holiday. It is one of the beautiful islands located in Colombia. There are many people who have entered this island into their holiday list. You will find many beautiful spots to take pictures here. Before you decide to go here, you have to know where is the location, right? Here’s the location of San Andres.

The Locality of San Andres Island

San Andres is a beautiful island, which located in the Caribbean and near to Nicaragua. But geographically this island is located in Colombia, 805 kilometers apart. There is a lot of transportation to get there. Many people’s flights depart from major cities in Colombia. It takes more than 1 hour to depart from Medellin.

There are many options to fly to San Andres. The price range from 100.000 COP to 200.000 COP per person. But it will increase on weekends or holidays. If you want to have a cheaper price, you can be a backpacker tourist. There are many hostels, which provide room for the backpacker. So, set your time to holiday here soon.

The Top 3 Things to Do in San Andres

As one of the beautiful places in Columbia, San Andres has lots of awesome spots. Visitors can refresh their minds by doing whatever they want. You can also find many unpredictable views here. Here is the best 3 things to do in San Andres that you have to know.

1. Enjoying Underwater View by Snorkeling

Snorkeling has become one of my favorite activities here. There are many people who want to enjoy the underwater view. You will find many coral and fish species with many types and colors. There are trainers who are ready to teach you snorkeling.

2. Rest in the Johnny Island Natural Regional Park

There are many people who just want to refresh during visiting the island. This is the best-recommended place for you. Johnny Island Natural Regional Park is one of the beautiful beaches on San Andres Island. You only need to take a boat from the main San Andres island. There is a lot of beautiful scenery such as coconut groves. With the white sand, this beach looks so gorgeous.

You will have an unforgettable holiday with your family here. There are small food and drink shops that play reggae music. It is very refreshing, right? You can also have a barbecue for Caribbean lobster, fish, and other seafood. This beach also offers awesome interior exploration.

3. Explore Mangrove Regional Park

These are different locations during a vacation on this island. If you want to enjoy the sea, you can explore this Mangrove Regional Park. You will learn many things from here. This is the best-recommended place for a family holiday.

You will see aquatic life in the transparent sea. There are many courses on basic ecosystems and unique species. This ecosystem serves as a hatchery for several fish species. You can also find much newly-hatched fish here.

San Andres Island offers tourists many places to explore. There are many activities to do on this beautiful island. This island is not only suitable for individual vacations, but also for family vacations. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab your ticket to get here.

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