San Blas Islands in Panama: What You Need to Know

By | December 3, 2021

The San Blas Islands in Panama are exotic islands that offer incredibly beautiful views. You can take a day trip, stay on the island, or sail through the islands. Whatever you do here will be a pleasant experience that you will never forget.

You also don’t need to make an itinerary as Guna (the native inhabitants) will lead the tour and guide you. So, you just choose the activity you want to do and how long you will stay. If you want to know more about the San Blas Islands in Panama, here is the review:

All About San Blas Islands in Panama

If you want to enjoy beautiful beach views with various amazing activities, this is the right place for you. This is because you only need to book a tour and choose how long you will stay. After all, the host will take care of the rest, such as activities, transportation, and meals. So, you don’t have to bother making a complicated itinerary and everything will be fine.

You will live on an island with a rural atmosphere so it is the right place to relax. Every day you can listen to the waves, snorkel, swim, and even eat fresh seafood. Then, you should know that Guna Yala is an autonomous region so you have to pay an entrance fee of around USD 50. Then, for boat rental, the price starts from USD 300 per person.

How to Plan a Trip to The San Blas Islands?

There are many ways you can visit the San Blas Islands, such as sailing from Colombia or taking a day trip from Panama City. However, whatever you choose, we recommend booking tours (overnight, day trips, or sailing) and accommodations on the island.

You will get a similar experience to anyone else having a trip on this island as all tourism is strictly controlled and regulated by Guna. So, you can only choose luxury boats or small boats, small cabins or luxury bungalows, or day trips.

When you arrive, the host will tell you where to go and what to do. So, you should decide how you want to enjoy the islands, how long your visit will be, and what kind of place to stay on the island.

What to do in The San Blas Islands?

There are many lists of things you can do if you are in the San Blas Islands. For example, you can swim, see the sunset, snorkel, eat fresh seafood; visit Pelican Island, and many more. So, what else can you do? Here is the list:

1. Sailing Through The Islands

If you sail across the islands, you will have the experience of visiting the islands every day. You will spend time snorkeling, swimming, or standing on a paddle. In addition, you will also have fun and get an unforgettable experience on this island.

2. Staying on The Islands Overnight

You can also spend the night on these exotic islands. In addition, you can experience morning excursions and afternoon adventures. You can take a boat to an island to snorkel or swim. Maybe you don’t know which island you are on because you will go with the flow. Whatever you do must be fun and safe.

That is information about San Blas Islands in Panama that can be useful for you. But, don’t expect many luxuries or amenities because this is an exotic island. However, you can still enjoy the relaxing island atmosphere with exciting activities.

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