San Pedro Street Food – a Fast Food Restaurant You Must Visit in Cyprus

By | December 28, 2021

If you are searching for a recommended fast food restaurant in Cyprus, San Pedro Street Food is the best option. The main menu of this restaurant is burgers. But, you also can order other dishes such as coleslaw, salads, or ice cream.

What makes this fast-food restaurant popular in Cyprus? Here we explain the fair reviews about San Pedro restaurant. In this article, you can find out information about restaurant location, open hours, list of menus, and restaurant reviews.

The Location

The Location of San Pedro Street Food restaurant is in Spyrou Kyprianou 99 in Larnaca 6070, Cyprus. This local fast food restaurant is very popular in Cyprus. No doubt, it gets a 4,70 rating on Google Maps. This restaurant also achieves the award as the top vegan restaurant in Larnaca.

San Pedro does not only offer dining in but also take away and delivery service. So, if you want to eat burgers but you are lazy to go out, you can order some burgers through the San Pedro delivery service.

Open Hours

Before you visit San Pedro fast food restaurant, you should search for information about its operational hours. So, you can know what time San Pedro restaurant is open and closed. This fast-food restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 12 PM up to 11 PM.

So, on Sundays, you cannot go to this restaurant. Besides, the delivery service is also available from Monday to Saturday from 12 PM to 11 PM.

List of Menu

San Pedro restaurant menu can be classified into 4 categories. They are burgers, fries, sides, shakes, and drinks. Here is the list of the menu you can order from San Pedro fast-food restaurants.

1. Burgers

The signature dish of this fast food outlet is the burgers. This restaurant has a secret sauce that can make the burgers taste different from other burgers. Listed below is the burgers menu you should try.

  • San Pedro Beef Burger ( buns, San Pedro sauce, beef, tomato, ketchup, and sauté onion)
  • Jack Daniel Burger (buns, Jack Daniel Sauce, beef, cheese, sauté onion, and tomato)
  • Texas BBQ Burger (beef, buns, cheese, tomato, BBQ sauce, sauté onion)
  • Cheesy Mushroom Beef Burger (bacon, beef, cheesy mushroom, tomato)
  • BB King Burger (bacon, beef, tomato, blue cheese sauce, onion)

2. Fries

There are several kinds of fries menus you can enjoy at this restaurant. For instance, you can order chips, creole fries, cheese N Bacon Fries, and sweet potato fries.

3. Side Dish

San Pedro restaurant also offers several sides such as coleslaw, Portobello fries, chicken strip, and onion rings.

4. Shakes and Drink

This restaurant provides a wide range of beverage menus. For instance, you can enjoy thick shakes, soft drinks, juice, iced tea, or water.

That’s all the detailed explanation about San Pedro Street Food. San Pedro restaurant gets positive reviews from the customers. The food served is delicious. Besides, the price of all menus is reasonable. Also, the service is satisfying because the staff is friendly. In addition, the artwork and décor of this restaurant are amazing.

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