Santa Cruz Bolivia: Here are Fantastic Things to Do

By | December 20, 2021

If you have a plan to visit America, don’t forget to take your time in Santa Cruz. It is one of the best places in Bolivia. There are many tourists who visit this place every moment. After arriving here, you will enjoy warm weather. There are many fantastic things that you can do here.  But, let’s know more about this city

All About Santa Cruz Bolivia

It is the largest city in Bolivia with beautiful scenery. There are many people who say that it is the main economic venue. This city is at an elevation of 400 meters above sea level. This height brings warm weather to the city. Not many people know that Santa borders the Amazon Rainforest.

The urban landscape is lush green. This is why they’re many people who visit here. Besides, there are many cultures here. You will have a different experience when visiting this green city. There are many things that make tourists interested in visiting here.

The Fantastic Things to Do in Santa Cruz

There are so many things to do in this fantastic city. As one of the biggest cities in Bolivia, Santa has many traditional and modern lifestyles to learn. Tourists can also find many historical buildings here. The nightlife of this city also makes tourists want to explore. Here’s the best thing to do:

1. Visiting the Cathedral Church

This church became one of many favorite places to visit. You will find many historical stories to learn here. This church is located in the center of the city which is easy to find. However, you can not only admire the church from the outside. You also can climb the bell tower to enjoy the city above.

2. Touring to Amboro National Park

There are many people who say that this is paradise in Bolivia. Ambro National Park has many paradise views. You will find many unique ecosystems here. The location of this place is near the center of the city. You just need to take 25 miles away. Visitors can learn about 812 species of birds here.

3. Exploring Guembe Biopark

Another park that must be explored is Guembe Biopark. You only need to take 15 minutes from Santa Cruz. There are many activities that you can do here. Bolivian birds have become one of the attractions here. You can visit from 09.30 am until 6.40 pm every day.

4. Skydiving

This is the extreme activity you can do here. You can enjoy the city view from the sky. There are many guides who provide parachuting services for tourists. They also provide certified trainers who will accompany you. Therefore, you will not jump alone to do such extreme activities. The price is also the same as other skydiving prices. Are you interested?

5. Enjoying Modern Art Museum

In addition to historical buildings, there is also a museum of modern art worth seeing. There are temporary exhibitions for foreign countries. You can also learn about many cultures and enjoy musicals.

Those are fantastic things to do in Santa Cruz. This is one of the biggest cities which provide many things for tourists. Here you can learn about a lot of cultures and enjoy a lot of beautiful scenery.

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