Segovia Castle and All Things You Need to Know

By | November 22, 2021

Segovia Castle is one of the most stunning castles in Europe where fairytales come to life. Also known as Alcázar de Segovia, this place is a must-visit when you’re in Spain. Located in the old town of Segovia, this castle stands above the Eresma river and Clamores near the Guadarrama mountains.

Not Only A Castle but Also A Fortress

Archeological proof stated that this castle was built as a fortress during the Roman Empire. But the castle’s shape and structure were unknown until King Alfonso VIII (1155-1214). It is discovered that the gates are made of wood according to early documentation. By that prove, assuming that this magnificent castle was a wooden fortress built in the ancient Roman foundation by the Muslim army.

During the medieval era, Alcazar de Segovia transformed into royal residences and fortresses. But after the royal court moved to Madrid, this castle turned into a military basis and academy as well as prison. The strong and gallant structure not to mention astonishing architecture and design make this castle perfect for royal residence and defense.

Exploring the Alcazar

As the residence of the Trastamara Dynasty, Alcazar de Segovia offers you memorable exploration. The caste itself is huge with fascinating rooms, galleries, dungeons, gardens, and open space. It allows you to have an unforgettable journey. All of them function as important events in history.

Let’s start with the Throne Room. This room connects to the Hall of The Fireplace, which features two thrones worn by the late monarch. Covers with a Catholic motto, portraits of Kings and Queens on the wall, and a spreading wide plaster to cover the floor. The color red dominates this room.

Continue to the Royal Chamber where royals used to rest themselves. You can see a brocade-covered bed as well as Catholic Monarchs’ family scenes on the wall. Not to mention the wide size of the room that is ready to swallow you. The tour can never be complete without entering the Museum of Royal College of Artillery, weapon and armor room, Hall of the Kings, and also the Chapel.

Appearance in Pop Culture

Do you know that Segovia Castle inspires many movies, books, and fairytales? The most famous is from Disney who used the castle as its background in every opening. This iconic castle appears to be Cinderella Castle with its dazzling and mesmerizing interior. Furthermore, this castle also happens to appear in Manga, Berserk as a fortress called Koka’s Castle.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is also another Disney classic animation that captures the silhouette of this Castle. Also, the inspiration Camelot’s musical film came from this magnificent castle. Not only inspiring pop culture by its regal design interior, but the castle’s dungeon is also quite something. Even the RPG Terranigma dungeon was inspired by Alcazar.

Segovia Castle is considered the most beautiful and popular castle on earth. Its dazzling interior, stronghold, a magnificent structure, and history behind the building always capture tourist interest. So, should you have a trip to Spain, don’t forget to take your time visiting this castle. And, prepare yourself for royal ambiance the way Kings and Queens used to feel back then.

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