Sharing Tour Cambodia to Explore the Country

By | January 7, 2022

Cambodia is one of the top destinations for travelers that are looking for an exotic culture. In this country, you can find many exotic places such as temples and beaches. However, for those who don’t like to plan and make their itinerary, then join a sharing tour Cambodia, where you can meet new people and visit interesting places at once!

For those looking for a tour, don’t worry because there are plenty of tours that you can join. These tours offer many kinds of different places and activities that you can enjoy depending on your duration. So, for those looking for sharing tour Cambodia, here are some options that you can choose:

1. Angkor Cycling Adventure

If you love doing some adventure, then this packet is one of the best options for you! With this tour, people can whilst touring like a local insider. Visitors will get the chance to cycle on backroads and jungle trails to discover the beautiful scenery of Cambodia. They also get to see the local Cambodian culture that not many people might even know!

Overall, this tour can take around 5 days, starting from the time you arrive until the last day of your adventure. However, to make sure that you can follow all 5 days, make sure to arrange your flight on the last day anytime from 15:00 onwards. To enjoy this tour, then prepare around $750, which already includes breakfast, dinner, and lunch too!

2. Angkor to Capital City by Bicycle

Another tour that is almost like the previous tour is the Angkor to Capital City by Bicycle. With this tour, tourists can enjoy both the local village and the crowded city of Cambodia. This tour will start in Siem Reap, where people can see many famous temples such as Angkor Wat. The tour will then continue to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

3. Classic Cambodia

If you’re planning to stay a bit longer in Cambodia, then take the Classic Cambodia tour where you can go deep into the Cambodian land. By joining this tour, visitors can learn more about the historical activities in each area, such as the Angkor temples and floating villages. Other than that, visitors also get the chance to ride a bamboo bed, which the locals call the Norrie. During this event, people will get a glimpse of the Battambang countryside, so make sure to get your cameras ready.

4. Discover Southern Cambodia

Looking for a different side of Cambodia? If so, other than visiting Angkor wat, try visiting the south gem of the country such as Kampot and Kep. In Kampot, visitors can enjoy the famous pepper, salts, and delicious foods made by the locals. People can also cruise to see the sunset and fireflies that look amazing. As for those looking for a place to relax, then come to Kep & enjoy the beautiful sleep coastal town.

There are plenty of sharing tour Cambodia that you can choose based on your budget, time, and interest. Make sure to choose the best tour that suits you, so you can have a great time in Cambodia!

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