6 Shows In Sydney Opera House That You Shouldn’t Miss

By | November 30, 2021

The iconic building worldwide in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Its unique shape makes the Sydney Opera House so famous. In addition, there are many shows in Sydney Opera House, ranging from musical theatre, classical music, to workshops.

So, when visiting Australia, don’t just take pictures in front of the Sydney Opera House, take the time to watch various shows in it. Then, the show’s schedule changes every day so you can choose the show that suits your preference. Here are shows in Sydney Opera House that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Dance: Celebration Gala

Australian cities are starting to reopen and life is starting to get colorful again. To celebrate, The Australian Ballet returns to the theater with a series of gala pas de deux. Moreover, they will showcase grandiose classics, timeless favorites, stunning contemporary, and more. You’ll see a joyous celebration of talent and commitment and many aspects of ballet in this show.

2. Musical Theatre: The Lyin’ Queen

It’s time to laugh and relieve stress by watching this adult comedy 145 million years in the making. Then, the setting of this musical theater is on an island near the coast of Australia. Wild beasts are roaming about and wild, as wild as this musical theater parody. Moreover, This show stars Todd McKenney and Trevor Ashley who are ready to entertain you.

3. Classical Music: Omega Ensemble – CoLAB: New Now

Omega Ensemble presents five world premieres works from the next generation of Australian composition talent. Moreover, you will watch thrilling shows, bold experiments, and raw talent from them. After a 9-month intensive program with leading international composers, these five ambitious young composers will present their groundbreaking new work as the final show for CoLAB: Composer Accelerator Program.

4. Comedy: Hannah Gadsby

For those of you lovers of stand-up comedy, you should not miss this one show. Hannah Gadsby is back with a new stand-up show – Body of Work. This show was inspired by the global pandemic that forced her to “hide” in her homeland, Australia. In addition, she pondered a lot back then and that reflection is now a completely new and entertaining show for you.

5. Opera: Great Opera Hits

If you’re in Australia, don’t miss an opera show at the Sydney Opera House. One of the amazing opera performances is Great Opera Hits presented by Opera Australia. In this opera, Opera Australia’s best opera singers will sing opera songs from famous arias, such as Puccini, Verdi, Bizet, and many others. Then, the concert lasts 90 minutes and takes place on summer evenings as the sunsets across Sydney Harbour.

6. Workshops: House Warming with Rosie Deacon

Rosie Deacon will help you create great installations with Ada’s creativity. You will experiment, play, and interact here. Also, you can make small creatures, jewelry, or plants from simple recycled materials that you can take home with you. Moreover, Rosie Deacon will invite you to build an installation so that it becomes a large-scale masterpiece.

Those are 6 shows in Sydney Opera House that you shouldn’t miss. Then, you can choose the shows you like, from workshops, opera, stand-up comedy, to musical theatre. Check out the various show schedules on the official Sydney Opera House website.

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