Some Provisions before Traveling abroad

By | January 9, 2022

Several countries have started to open arrivals for traveling abroad. It’s just that, they set several conditions for foreign nationals to come. The policy requirements for entry into a country vary.


Therefore, traveling must be observant and pay attention to every need as an administrative provision and factual conditions in the destination country. Check first on the official website of the authority that regulates the civility of foreigners.

Some Provisions before Traveling abroad

·         Things needed

Some countries still refuse the arrival of foreign nationals who just want to dissiped. But they still open the door if the intention of the arrival of the stranger is for more important reasons, such as school, work, looking at sick families, and others.

·         Health procotol

Health protocols in all countries are in principle almost the same. Wear a mask, keep your distance, diligently wash your hands, and keep your distance. So, bring a spare mask and hand sanitizer during the trip. Note if there are different health protocol policies in the destination country.

·         Health documents

The Covid-19 vaccination certificate is now one of the main requirements before traveling. There are countries that only accept migrants with complete vaccinations, some allow if only vaccinated once. Of course, the certificate of the results of the Covid-19 test and the type of test required by the destination country.

·         Travel documents

Passport, ticket, and don’t forget the travel insurance policy. There are many travel asurnation policies with various coverage, such as medical expenses to cancellation coverage if unable to travel.

·         Quarantine procedures

Almost all countries require quarantine for migrants. There may also be those who don’t have certain conditions. Understand very well how they implement quarantine policies, whether there are hotels or special lodgings or not. How they handle travelers who when arriving and undergoing Covid-19 tests then show positive results.

What countries can I visit when it’s still a pandemic?

1.      Maldives

Maldives or better known by its international name, Maldives, has opened its borders to tourists from all countries, including Indonesia. This island nation with a stretch of white sand and clear sea water is often a romantic holiday destination for tourists from Indonesia, especially those on honeymoon.

2.      Uni Arab  Emirates

If you hear the united arab emirates, you may immediately remember Dubai. Yes, the city of Dubai is indeed one of the popular tourist destinations for Indonesians. During this pandemic, the UAE has closed its borders to travelers. But by July, the country had begun reopening its borders to migrants.

3.      Turki

Unlike other countries that have opened their territory to tourists, Turkey is arguably the loosest for those of you who want to vacation during a pandemic. To enter the country, you do not need a Covid-19 free certificate. Even so, migrants who show symptoms of coronavirus infection or are suspected of having the disease, must immediately undergo tests at the airport at personal expense.

If the test results show you are positive for Covid-19, then you must undergo treatment at personal expenses and not covered by the Turkish government. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about some provisions before traveling abroad, hopefully for the people who read it.

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