Staycation : One part of a traveling

By | January 5, 2022

Staycation itself is a combination of two words; stay and cation. Stay which means remain, while cation comes from the word vacation aka vacation. The two words were translated freely by the public.


However, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a staycation means a vacation done at home or near home, rather than traveling elsewhere. Like, you become a “tourist in your city“. While according to some other sources, this term can also be interpreted simply as a vacation that is done by staying or settling somewhere.

The Concept from One part of a traveling “staycation”

Affordable funds and limited vacation time, is one of the reasons why the concept of staycation is very popular. Although that’s not the initial concept in question. In contrast, staying or staying becomes an “ecological way” to spend a vacation or vacation because it is synonymous with less pollution, saves money, and does not contribute to environmental damage, as is the case in many popular tourist areas.

Initially, the concept of staycation was born during the 2008 economic crisis in the United States. Because of this, many households are forced to limit their spending, including limiting their vacation budgets. Lack of money to travel abroad is the origin of why many people start to find interesting things in their immediate neighborhoods.

At the same time, awareness of the environmental impact of tourism, especially those concerning transportation, began to increase. Likewise with the perception, that the more attractive a place or country, the more crowded by tourists. Finally, a staycation seems like a great solution to answer those challenges and be the best way to spend a fun vacation, of course, while saving money and maintaining the environment.

What’s the Reason Staycation Is a Travel Option?

·         Easier Planning

The first reason why staycations are more in demand is because this one vacation trend is much easier to plan than conventional vacation styles. Simply by booking your hotel or apartment and villa without the need to worry about your itinerary you can already do a staycation.

·         More Affordable Prices

One of the main considerations why staycation is more often an option is its more affordable price. So there is no need to prepare funds for flight tickets or tickets to get into tourist attractions. Because the main cost in the staycation is the accommodating fee only.

·         It doesn’t take much time

Because there is no need to travel far out of town. Staycation you can do without having to wait a long holiday or apply for leave. Generally, weekends alone are enough for you to be able to plan a staycation in the city. But, not infrequently also people who take advantage of long holidays to do staycations outside the city.

·         Equally Able to Provide Refreshing Effects

Although it seems simple and can be done in a short time, it turns out that staycation is widely chosen. Because it is able to present a different atmosphere so that. It can provide the same refreshing effect as going on a trip or vacation out of town. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about “staycation“, hopefully for the people who read it.

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