Why People Love Sunny Beach in Bulgarian Compared to Other Beaches

By | November 30, 2021

If you love the beach, then you will also love Sunny Beach in Bulgarian. Out of all the beaches, there are in Bulgaria, this is the most favorite and popular one, especially for those who love to party. It is not only popular in the UK but also across Europe too.

For those who are planning to enjoy the summer on this beach, then you can get to this beach by plane to the two nearest airports. The first one is Bourgas Airport, which is only 17 miles away, which you can reach in only 30 minutes by car. The second one is Varna Airport which is a bit farther, around 61.5 miles. The driving time to get to the beach is around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Reasons to Visit Sunny Beach in Bulgarian

Whether you are planning to go to a party or just want to have some fun, Sunny Beach in Bulgarian is the best option to choose. For those who have never been here before, here are some reasons why you should visit this beach:

1. Clean & Beautiful Scenery

One of the reasons why people love this beach is because it offers clean and beautiful scenery. The sands are clean and the sea is crystal blue. In the evening, people can relax while enjoying the sunset. So, even if you don’t want to party, just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2. Affordable Price

Another great reason why visitors love this beach is because of the affordable price. There are many options of resorts and clubs that people can enter on this beach offered at various prices. However, most of them are not too expensive and still affordable even for those who are on a budget!

You can even enter DGV, one of the biggest clubs in Sunny Beach for only $10. If you enter the same type of club but in Ibiza, it can cost you 10x more. So, who says that partying is always expensive?

3. Great & Fun Atmosphere

The main reason why people love coming to this beach is that it has a great and fun atmosphere throughout the year. Almost every weekend, there will be a party held on this beach. And the best part is anyone can join in! This beach also holds one of the best and fun parties on New Year’s Eve and Christmas!

If you want to spend most of your holiday going to parties, then purchase a Sunny Beach party package. By buying this packet, people can enjoy 10 hours or more of free bars and the top events held in Sunny Beach. Therefore, you can party all day long without missing an event.

4. Many Activities to Do

Luckily there are also other activities to do rather than just partying. If you are tired of partying, you can also do some other activities such as surfing, enjoying the water park nearby, or going on a lazy cruise.

However, people must know Sunny Beach in Bulgarian is not too big, so it can become very crowded in some seasons. It is also not a quiet place either, so don’t expect to get a calming holiday on this beach.

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