Supertrees in Garden By The Bay: The Ultimate Guide

By | December 3, 2021

Singapore is a country that has a small area but was able to increase its forest cover to 47% from 36%. Singapore did this by building Supertrees in Garden By The Bay. So, Singapore has almost reached the ideal balance between its country’s progress and nature.

Supertrees are not only beautiful buildings but have a similar function to trees. Its function can create renewable energy, a lush environment, and future sustainability. If you want to know more information about supertrees in Garden By The Bay, here is the review:

What Is Supertrees Grove?

At Supertree Grove Gardens by the Bay, there are 18 stunning supertrees. There is the OCBC Skyway, which is a 128-meter aerial platform that connects 2 Supertrees. Supertree shape is similar to the baobab tree in Madagascar, the trunk is thick and the branch network is thin.

The Supertree also planted some tropical flower climbers, bromeliads, ferns, and also beautiful orchids. Then, the supertrees are well placed so that wherever you stand, your photo background will always be perfect.

Each supertree consists of 4 main components, canopy, trunk, reinforced concrete core, and planting panels. Some supertrees are also equipped with solar panels to store energy for the night light show. In addition, the supertree also functions as an air exhaust container that can cool the flower dome and cloud forest conservatories.

The Outdoor Gardens

Then, supertrees serve to collect rainwater for fountain displays and irrigation. All of its tasks, such as cooling the air, photosynthesis, and storing rainwater make Supertrees Groves look like real trees. If you want to visit the outdoor gardens, they are open from 5 am – 2 am daily.

1. OCBC Skyway

Admission to Supertree Grove is free but if you want to access the OCBC Skyway, you have to pay SGD 8 for adults and SGD 5 for children aged 3 – 12 years. At the OCBC Skyway, you will experience a walking path that is 22 meters above the ground.

You are only allowed to walk for 15 minutes, you are not allowed to run and wear high heels. From above you can see beautiful scenery, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest. Then, OCBC Skyway is open 9 am – 9 pm daily.

2. Supertree Rooftop Bar

There are restaurants and bars at the top of the tallest Supertree. If you want to come here, the ticket is SD 18 per person including one free drink. You can enjoy drinks such as cocktails or beer while looking at the beautiful view from above.

Along the perimeter are comfortable tables and sofa cushions. This central supertree is 16 stories high so you can get the best views of the Grove without any obstructions.

3. Garden Rhapsody

In the evening around 7:45 p.m. and 8:45 p.m., there is a light show, Garden Rhapsody. You can enjoy the light show for free and be sure to arrive early to get a good spot to enjoy it. There are 68 independent audio speakers used during the show to liven up the atmosphere.

That is useful information about Supertrees in Garden By The Bay. You will get an extraordinary experience by feeling how technological advances can improve the balance of nature. Make sure to come at the right time so that you are satisfied to enjoy the atmosphere there.

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