The best car recommendations for traveling

By | January 1, 2022

Best car recommendations for traveling  have a wide variety of types and uses, some are suitable for use in urban areas, and some are suitable for use in off-road terrain. Well this time, we will discuss the best travel car recommendations that you can buy in 2021.


Traveling cars are required to have a large capacity and qualified car power. Well, this one transportation service generally utilizes the use of cars with spacious cabins and has quite a lot of passenger space. The goal is that in one trip, there will be many passengers able to be transported.

The best car recommendations for traveling

·         Isuzu Elf Microbus

Isuzu as one of the leading car manufacturers also has a car to be used as a complement to travel business needs. The car is an Isuzu Elf Minibus. Almost the same as the Toyota Hiace, Isuzu also has a 16- to 19 seat support seat. That much capacity will automatically provide quite a lot of benefits in one go.

In terms of engine performance, this car is quite friendly in the use of fuel, because the 4JB1-TC type engine with 100 PS power that it carries is equipped with various features and advanced technology in it.

·         Toyota Hiace

Currently there are many travel businesses making Hiace as the best travel motorcycle choice. The reason is because this car has a length dimension of about 5,380 m with a width of 1,800 mm. From these dimensions it can be ascertained that the rung in the Toyota Hiace is so relieved.

Having a capacity of 16 seats, automatically make the need for traveling or car rental business travel will be quite complete. For the specifications, this car has been accompanied by an engine capacity of 2755 cc.

·         Nissan Evalia

Included in the category of sliding door cars are quite a lot owned by the community. Because, in addition to having an iconic design look. Comparable to the price given, Nissan Evalia car also has a passenger capacity of up to 8 people.

Like the Suzuki APV above. And of course not only can be chosen for travel business purposes, if you have many family members. Nissan Evalia is also very suitable to be purchased for various family purposes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car travel?

v  Advantages of Car Travel

One of the first advantages of a travel car is that it can fit many passengers. In terms of capacity, travel cars are indeed the king. Because it can fit about 10 to 12 people. To travel with family, car travel is an obligation to have. Especially for those of us who have regular family walks.

The last advantage is the capacity of the luggage. Because travel cars aim to travel with families who often carry a lot of goods, luggage is important. And we can get this from a travel car. We can fold some passenger seats and make them for luggage.

v  disadvantages of car travel

The disadvantage of the first travel car is that it is difficult to walk down a winding road. Unlike the case with SUV cars, travel cars are only arranged for smooth and straight roads. It is also influenced by its large size and width, which aims to accommodate many passengers.

In addition, travel cars will also have difficulty facing hill roads, rocks and muddy. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about the best car recommendations for traveling, hopefully for the people who read it.

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