The Louvre Museum in Paris That Tourists Must Visit

By | November 28, 2021

When people speak about Paris, there is more than just Eiffel Tower. Even though it is one of the places that tourists must visit, there are also more beautiful places such as the Louvre Museum in Paris. As one of the most visited and biggest museums in the world, this place surely offers a lot for people to see.

There are many arts inside this museum that will take people at least 100 days to get through them all. So, no matter how many times you come to this museum, there is always something new to see inside. Now, before coming to this place, what should people know about the Louvre Museum in Paris? Here’s the detail:

1. Arts Inside the Museum

There are many kinds of collections inside the Louvre Museum, from paintings to Egyptian antiques. Overall, there are more than 35,000 works that visitors can see and enjoy inside the museum. From all the arts inside, it is no doubt that the Mona Lisa from Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most popular ones. To protect it from any kind of harmful situation, the painting is covered with bullet-proof glass and some guards.

2. The Interesting Building

Other than the arts inside, the architecture of the building itself is quite interesting and unique. One of the iconic parts of this museum is the pyramid itself. Then for the exterior part of the building, people will get an antique and classical look. So, even if you don’t go inside the museum, you can enjoy the architecture of the building which is antique and lovable.

3. Opening Hours

For those who are planning to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, then make sure to come on weekdays except on Tuesday. The museum is open every day except on Tuesday and it opens from 9 am to 6 PM. Especially for Wednesday and Friday, the museum closes later, at 9.45 PM. Therefore, for those who want to have more time exploring the museum, come on Wednesday or Friday.

For special days such as Christmas Day, New Year, and other international holidays, the museum is normally closed. However, before coming here, it is better than visitors check their website first to make sure that it is still open. During Covid-19 the amount of visitors allowed to enter is also limited. so make sure to check out the capacity first before coming to the museum.

4. Tickets

To explore the whole museum, people must pay around 15 euros. However, if you buy the tickets online it will cost 17 euros. Those under 18 years are free to enter. Or for those who have proper documentation such as art teachers enjoy the museum free without having to pay.

Visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris can not take only one day. So, if you want to see the most popular arts in the museum, you can also follow the Masterpieces Visitor trail that takes only 90 minutes. In this trail, visitors will get information about the locations where they can see the top 10 most famous art in the museum. So, even if you can’t see them all, you get to see the top 10.

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