The meaning and term Traveler

By | January 3, 2022

Now this anti-mainstream activity carried out by traveler is not only done to fill vacations or leisure time, in fact, but this activity has also become a lifestyle from young people to adults. Once upon a time since childhood.


We only know the term ‘picnic‘ when the family traveled to tourist attractions and enjoyed the natural beauty that is now changing named traveler. The time is never long, only during weekends or during school holidays. It’s never far from home.

The meaning and term Traveler

Traveler in the true sense refers to people who travel either for the benefit of tourism, business or other interests. Traveling which is now a lifestyle as if in a month there is no such thing as sightseeing, hunting photos and so on, it feels like there is less, like we often can not stand without mobile phone food.

The style of traveling has now developed and gave rise to new terms such as solo traveler, independent traveler, backpacker, and flashpacker. Even new professions also appear such as travel bloggers, travel writers, photographers and so on.

That said, the term backpacking initially appeared when more and more people travel independently in a relatively long time. Budget cheap and of course only carry a backpack / backpack. In addition to visiting tourist attractions, backpackers also learn the life / culture of the local population.

Who really popularized backpacker-style travel? Giovan Francesco Gemeli Careri was the first person to be referred to as a backpacker. In 1693, he began traveling the world for pleasure, not for profit. For 5 years he sailed across the Pacific ocean and explored South America and Asia.

Backpacking lifestyle began to grow rapidly since the 2000s as a result of low-cost airline and hostel / cheap accommodation. The spirit of backpacking is the desire to explore a new world, meet new cultures / people, and because only carrying a backpack. The items carried are also not much, only the important ones.

What are the types of travelers?

·         The Techie

This type of traveler is the type of person who buys a hi-end gadget or camera device that they crave. So that it can be used to capture their precious place or moment somewhere and can be uploaded on their social media accounts.

·         Free Spirit

This type of person is the type of person who can’t be home all day. They will always look for ways to be able to travel and visit a particular place or country to fulfill their travel desires. However, the average person of this type prefers things that smell hedonist and likes to be in the crowd.

·         The Foodie

The foodie is the type of person who travels to another place or country whose main purpose is to taste the cuisine or food of the area. Once they taste, they will immortalize it and upload it to social media accounts and provide reviews. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about the meaning and term traveler, hopefully for the people who read it.

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