The most interesting traveling places in Finland

By | January 8, 2022

Finland is not only famous for its good education system but also its natural scenery which is arguably very amazing. It can even be said if Finland successfully became one of the countries in the Northern European region that became a destination. Favorite traveling for travelers from all over the country.


Many Finnish traveling places are managed in such a way that they can attract tourists be it natural tourism, history, education or other tours. A number of distinctive features from the past, still scattered throughout the country, in the form of charming ruins, meandering cobbled streets, and towering fortresses. However, Finland’s most famous tourist attractions are those related to natural beauty.

The most interesting traveling places in Finland

·         Suomenlinna

One of the historical tours that must be visited is Suomenlinna. The fortified island of Suomenlinna is part of the city of Helsinki. Sveaborg Castle (Swedish Castle) dominates Suomenlinna. Sveaborg Suomenlinna Fort is included in unesco’s list of world heritage monuments.

·         Market Square

Kauppatori or Market Square is the main square in the center of Helsinki, and is one of the most famous outdoor markets in northern Europe. Here tourists can find stalls selling Finnish specialties, flowers, and souvenirs. In addition, in this Finnish tourist spot there are often fishing boats that line up and sell seafood directly from the ship.

·         Temppeliaukio Church

This stone church was built in the late 1960s. The church’s underground interior is carved and the interior is bathed in natural light that enters through the glass dome. The church is also used as a concert hall due to its excellent acoustics created by rough rock surfaces.

·         Lapland

Incredible auroras can be enjoyed in Lapland on a starry sunny night in winter. Visitors have a high chance of witnessing the magical aurora phenomenon. The colors of green, blue, yellow, purple and red dance in the sky and make anyone who comes to this Finnish tourist spot, will feel like they are in a fairytale country.

What to bring when traveling to Finland?

1.      Drugs

The body will feel shocked when it feels an unusual climate. If this happens, of course, it will make your body unwell and susceptible to disease. Instead of being confused looking for pharmacies in people’s countries, you better bring your own medicines. Especially if you are someone who has an allergy to cold climates.

2.      Jacket

One of the most important items you bring when on vacation to subtropical places is a jacket. Not only to warm the body, jackets can also be fashionable items. Choose a jacket to your taste.

3.      Scarf

The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Especially in the face of the weather. That’s why you need to protect him with a scarf. Besides being useful to cover the neck to avoid the cold, scarves also serve to cover the mouth or nose.

4.      Glove

Don’t underestimate the cold hands. If the hands constantly feel cold, of course the blood will freeze and difficult to move. Therefore, it is very important to bring a handied when on vacation to a subtropical country. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about The most interesting traveling places in Finland, hopefully for the people who read it.

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