The most Interesting Traveling places in Netherlands

By | January 8, 2022

Traveling places in the Netherlands have special characteristics, especially with the existence of windmills. In addition to being an important tool for the needs of the community, but on the other hand able to become an icon that is attached until now.

Traveling places
Traveling places

The land of windmills, another designation for the Netherlands as an affirmation that the Ferris wheel system or water pump can be a destination that can attract the attention of tourists. And here’s info about traveling places in the Netherlands that are recommended to visit.

The most Interesting Traveling places in Netherlands

·         Amsterdam

The first place to travel in the Netherlands, let’s start from Amsterdam. A city that holds the status of being the only city that is below sea level. This condition has an impact on the arrangement of the city which is dominated by long canals, more than 100 kilometers, and the number of bridge buildings.

·         Kinderdijk Village

The next place to travel in the Netherlands is a place that makes the Netherlands earn the nickname as a land of windmills. The name of the tourist spot is Kinderdijk Village. In the village of Kinderdijk there is the oldest windmill in the Netherlands built in 1740. The windmill system in kinderdijk village serves to drain sea water, so that it eventually becomes a landmass.

·         Keukenhof Flower Garden

Keukenhof Flower Garden was built in 1949, and has an area of about 32 ha. Keukenhof Flower Garden is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. In The Keukenhof Flower Garden there are 7 million colorful, well-arranged flowers. There are also about 800 varieties of tulips. Not stopping there, in Keukenhof also got a very magnificent castle, with a classical architectural style.

What to know before traveling to The Netherlands?

1.      Language and Currency

Don’t be afraid to communicate in The Netherlands. You don’t have to speak Dutch, like most people in Germany who only master the national language. Many Dutch people speak English, even some of them are also familiar with Indonesian.

Regarding currencies, the Euro is the prevailing currency in the Netherlands. Prepare your euro money in moderation. If necessary bring U.S. dollars just in case your money is lacking. Because, all money changers in the Netherlands do not accept money exchanges.

2.      Itinerary

Itinerary or list of itineraries is also mandatory for you to make before traveling to the Netherlands. The goal is that you are no longer confused where to go, when you get to your destination. By arranging an itinerary, you can also assess the costs you spend every day.

Starting from spending on transportation, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, eating, to shopping for souvenirs. The cities in the Netherlands that you must include in the itinerary are Amsterdam, Maastricht, Volendam, The Hague, Zaanse Schans, Roterdam, Lisse and Utrecht.

3.      Clothes According to The Season

It sounds trivial, but adjusting the clothes you bring with the season that takes place in the Netherlands is very important. Do not let you lack coats and trousers while still in very cold winter weather.

For that before leaving, find out first what season in the Netherlands. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about the most interesting traveling places in netherlands, hopefully for the people who read it.

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