The Most Tourist Attractions in Belgium to visit

By | December 23, 2021

Although Belgium is one of the small countries in the European region, this country has many tourist attractions in Belgium, which make tourists feel at home visiting the country. Call it the delicacy of chocolate which is very famous.

Tourist Attractions in Belgium

Tourist Attractions in Belgium

The country that has been named the capital of the European Union. It is precisely in the city of Mons. It has a variety of interesting tourist attractions that you must visit, if you happen to have the opportunity. What’s interesting about this country? It is that it uses 2 languages ​​for daily conversation. That are namely French and Dutch, although there are also those who use German.

Le Petit Julien

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Belgium is Le Petit Julien or also known as the Pis Mannequin. It is located in the Belgian capital, Brussels, at the crossroads of Rue du Chene and rue de ietuve. This mannequin is so called, because it is a statue of a boy urinating into a pond.

This statue itself was made in 1619. Bronze is the material for making this 61 cm tall statue.. This is one of the most iconic statues of the Belgian capital. Quite unique as well as heroic which is the background to make this statue. How not, the little boy accidentally urinated on a bomb, so the bomb didn’t explode.

Grand Place Brussels

The next tourist attractions in Belgium spot in Belgium is the Grand Palace. Various beautiful and magnificent buildings with renaissance architecture surround the Grand Palace because of its location in the center of Brussels.. Grand Place itself is an alun-alun / field with an area of ​​​​about 68 x 100 meters, which makes this location always crowded with tourists.

Brussels Town Hall

As explained above, Belgium does have a variety of amazing medieval buildings, including the Brussels Town Hall, which is on the edge of the Grand Palace. This tourist spot in Belgium uses a renaissance architectural design with an ivory cream color, to give a gothic impression.

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Parc du Cinquantenaire is another tourist attraction in Belgium which is also called Jubelpark, or in English, is the Park of the fiftieth Anniversary. This place is not just any park, but a park that is used to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Belgian state. Built around 1880, by the reign of King Leopold II, this park is located in the city of Brussels, more precisely at the end of the European Quarter.


Atomium is a tourist spot in Belgium which is quite iconic in Belgium. During the Exhibition under the title Brussels Woeld’s Fair building in 1959.

Brussels Museum

The Brussels Museum is located on the edge of the Grand Place, and right in front of the Brussels town Hall. Local people call this place the musee de la ville de bruxelles. Just like other buildings, this museum uses a renaissance-style design in the middle ages. It is one of the tourist attractions in Belgium.

Brussels Royal Palace

Belgium is a constitutional monarchy, meaning that this country has an official palace as the residence of its king and queen. The Brussels Royal Palace, which was built in 1783, is still in Brussels and not far from the Grand Palace. The design of this building is quite magnificent, with a neo-classical architectural design, this is what makes the building look very luxurious and elegant at the same time.

There are the tourist attractions in Belgium you can visit. Hope this article is useful.

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