The Tourist Attraction in Spanish That You Need To Know

By | January 1, 2022

Spanish Tourist Attraction in Spanish are iconic tourist attractions and are of great historical civilization value. Therefore, it is not surprising that Spain is one of the countries visited by tourists from different countries. For those who only know Spain at a glance, the country is, of course, a synonym for bullfighters, or a classic battle between FC Barcelona against Real Madrid or the so-called El Clásico. Indeed, the world’s eyes are on Spain, not just these two things. All the necessary tourism themes were presented entirely in Spain.

Tourist Attraction in Spanish

Overview Tourist Attraction in Spanish

 Geographically, the maritime boundary of Spain is the Atlantic Ocean. The borders In the south, it is adjacent to Morocco and Gibraltar.  In addition, Spain is the fifth largest country in Europe and the second largest country in Western Europe. From an economic point of view, the tourism sector makes a huge contribution to government revenue.

In 2017, Spain became the second most frequently visited country for foreign tourists. Of course, it’s not without reason, but nature, climate, fashion and iconic and historic infrastructure are many reasons why tourists visit Spain.  Here are tourist attractions in Spanish.

Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu

Spanish football not only a sport.  From time to time, the world’s trending star players  have always wanted to set foot in Spain, especially  Barcelona and Real Madrid. People from different countries often want to watch the game live, as the eyes of the world are always looking at the classic duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In the end, the stadiums of the two clubs have become one of the tourist destinations visited by Spanish tourists. FC Barcelona’s soccer stadium is called Camp Nou and is located in the city of Barcelona.  Real Madrid’s soccer stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, is located in the city of Madrid.  Camp Nou is a tourist destination in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Like the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which has become one of tourist attractions in Spanish?


Spain’s tourist attractions are located in the city of Granada, Spain. The city has a magnificent and historic palace. It is also known as the Alhambra, also known as the Red Palace. The Alhambra is called the Red Palace. It is because the walls of the palace are red. The palace has become a relic and witness of the glory of Umayyad power.

The Alhambra Castle or Alhambra Palace is very popular in the eyes of the world. Also, if visitors enter the palace, they must book a ticket for the Alhambra four months in advance.  You can order locally in a hurry, but it’s unlikely that you have any tickets left. Visits this tourist attractions in Spanish to the Alhambra can be made during the day or at night. 

Plaza Mayor

Located in the city of Madrid, Spain, Plaza Mayor is becoming a must-see tourist destination when you are in Spain. Plaza Mayor and Madrid’s culinary destinations often hold various types of festivals. The buildings in this area are very artistic, Instagramable and of historical value. In the center of Plaza Mayor is a statue of a horse and a statue of Philip III riding a horse. The building materials in Plaza Mayor are also fire resistant.


The next must-see tourist attraction in Spain is Almeria. It is located at the eastern end of Andalusia in southern Spain. In Almeria, tourists can visit a variety of tourism themes. From nature tourism to world history tourism.  And here are some of the sights of Almeria as tourist attractions in Spanish that you should visit. There are Mini Hollywood, Cabo De Gata, La Alcazaba, Museo Refugio De La Guerra Sipil, Roquetas De Mar.

There are tourist attractions in Spanish, are you interested to visit here.

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