The types of Travelers that must be Known

By | January 7, 2022

If it is said that all travelers are the same, then change your thinking. Because an explorer and travelers are divided into various types. Indeed, it will look the same, wear casual clothes or tend to relax and carry a backpack that looks full


But that does not mean they are the same. All travelers are divided according to their destination or intention to travel. The following are the types of travelers that you must know and who knows you are one of them.

The types of Travelers that must be Known

·         Collector

This type is a traveler who likes to travel to another place, city or country. Usually their purpose is other than to know new things in an area, as well as to collect unique, interesting and rare objects. They will usually always remember in detail about the area or city visited when invited to chat about the place. Even clearly, they will explain whatever is asked of him about the area or place where he gets the item or product that seems very rare.

·         Conformist

It can be said that this type of conformist is a traveler who travels not out of curiosity or personal desire but for social purposes. Even so, there are times when those who enjoy the journey to fulfill their desire to know something new somewhere.

However, on average they will decide a place that is completely anti-mainstream than most other travelers choose. Yes, because there is indeed a special purpose to do so, therefore their travel flow is different.

·         Thrill- Seeker

Thrill-seekers are the type of traveler who are adventurous and more likely to look for a place or area that can test their adrenaline to the maximum. On average this type of one will carefully wait for tickets or departures at low prices to go visit the place they want. Like conformist, thrill-seeker will look for areas that are not visited by many other travelers. This is because they will get bored when they have to be in a place that is already mainstream and crowded.

What types of travel insurance should travelers know?

1.      Single Trip Insurance

One type of travel insurance that must be known is Single Trip Insurance. This type of insurance falls into the category of short-term insurance. The insurance can be used for those of you who do not routinely travel long distances or only how many times a year.

2.      Annual Trip Insurance

The second type of travel insurance to choose from is Annual Trip Insurance. This type of insurance is addressed to those of you who often or regularly travel long distances. For example, once a week or once a month. Although your destination for the holidays, this insurance is ready to bear.

3.      Group Travel Insurance

This type of insurance can be selected. Because large companies will use this type of insurance to protect their employees during the holidays. In addition, if you often travel with family, this insurance can also be selected.

Of course, it will be more efficient to use this type when compared to buying individual insurance for each family member. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about the types of travelers that must be known, hopefully for the people who read it.

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