The Types of Traveling you should Know

By | January 1, 2022

Types of Traveling – Traveling is one of the most widely chosen ways to eliminate fatigue. Increasingly popular, many are making traveling or vacation a lifestyle, even some get new professional field opportunities and additional income.


Increasingly over time, many new terms have sprung up related to traveling activities, ranging from backpacker sparing styles or celebrity-style luxury vacations. Consequently in addition to backpackers or low-budget vacations, many types of traveling that you may not know.

The Types of Traveling you should Know

·         Glamping

Glamping stands for Glamorous Camping. This trend is a development of regular camping tours. In conventional camping activities, one is required to live as far away from a wide variety of modern technologies and conveniences as possible. Everything is done to be able to feel as close to nature as possible. In conclusion, in an era that has all advanced as it is today, it feels very difficult to be able to escape these things.

·         Voluntourism

Voluntourism simply means taking a sightseeing trip but with the aim of doing charitable activities and done voluntarily. In addition to doing tourism, the tour that we do will of course be very useful for the places to go.

·         Doom Tourism

Some call Doom Tourism as doomsday tourism, because this tour is very different from other tours that usually aim to have fun. Doom Tourism itself is an activity to travel to various places in the world that are threaten with extinction. The extinction could have been cause by global warming or other things.

·         Staycation

Literally, a staycation can be interprete as a vacation while in the place where you live. So, you don’t need to go all the way out of town and it doesn’t take too much time. Just take advantage of weekends like Saturday and Sunday. Short but memorable.

·         Mancation

Mancation is an activity aim at men. In this activity, women are prohibit from getting involved. Usually, this type of traveling will be fill by activities that concern many hobbies from men.

What are the items to bring when traveling?

1.      Clothes

Know the location of your destination, adjust the clothes you bring with the weather there. Choose clothes with models and colors that can be mixed & match. Sleepwear can usually be use for several nights.

2.      Drugs

Before Travel, don’t forget to also bring personal medicines, especially if you have a special disease, such as allergies or asthma. Moreover, it is also equip with antialergic drugs, pain relievers, supplements and first aid.

3.      Important documents

Documents is an important thing. Before go on vacation, complete your documents such as ID card, driver’s license, passport and visa if needed. Do not forget airfare and other transportation, as well as proof of hotel reservation. Don’t forget to bring a copy of the documents and keep them in a separate place.

In addition Make sure you carry it safely, it’s a good thing if you carry a small bag that is always attach to you, to facilitate supervision. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about the types of traveling you should know, hopefully for the people who read it.

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