The unforgettable Tourist Attraction in Adorable Finland

By | December 31, 2021

Finland’s most famous and best tourist attraction is an attraction for tourists who want to spend their vacation in European countries. The Capital of Finland is Helsinki. Finland is a very beautiful landscape, so there are many attractions that you can visit with your family. Here you can find so many tourist attraction.

Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction in Adorable Finland

Finland’s attractions  include beautiful historic buildings, natural attractions and entertainment venues that are perfect for family games. Below is a list of 25 famous and popular Finnish attractions  you need to visit during the holiday season. 

Tourist Attraction Linnanmaki

Linnanmaki is a famous amusement park in Helsinki. It is opened on May 27, 1950. Linnanmaki is perfect tourist attractions for playing with kids and playing different games. Visit Linnanmaki to try out a spectacular roller coaster-like ride. If you are tired, you can not only fill your time with various rides. But also relax in the cafes and food stalls that are already available.


If you  want to know more about Finland’s historic buildings, you can visit this wonderful Suomenlinna.  This place is a very crowded tourist attraction  and has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  The fort was built by the Kingdom of Sweden in 1748 to prevent the expansion of Russia. Visitors can visit this beautiful fortified area or take a ferry to  this place.  Interested in a vacation to one of Finland’s top attractions?


Market Square is the central square of Helsinki and is famous for its port market with various food stalls, handicrafts and cafe tents.  This tourist attractions is full of visitors who just  walk and do various shopping. Once on the market, you can buy a wide variety of clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, vegetables, medicines and, of course, delicious food. You can also enjoy a view of the sea while dining or relaxing at the on-site cafe.

Helsinki Cathedral

 If you  want to enjoy the old building and keep its authenticity,  visit  Helsinki Cathedral. With its gorgeous design and white colours, this cathedral building is a landmark in the heart of Helsinki. You can walk from the station to get to this place. In addition, visitors can take pictures in front of the cathedral building in the vast area of the Senate Square.

Tourist Attraction Senate Square

The Senate Square is unique and example of neoclassical architecture. Karl Ludwig Engel designed the four buildings in this tourist spot. Among them: Helsinki Cathedral, Government Building, National Library of Finland and the main building of the University of Helsinki. You can walk around the Senate Square and take pictures in very interesting places while incorporating the beauty of existing architecture.

Tourist Attraction Arctic

Arktikum is a famous museum and science center  in Rovaniemi, Finland.  This tourist destination is very popular for culturally friendly conferences and conferences.  Another unique point is that the architecture of this museum is very suitable for visits, as the central area uses glass overlooking the river. This is very nice

There are the unforgettable tourist attraction in adorable Finland, hope this can be references for you.

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