Things to Bring When Traveling

By | January 6, 2022

Packing things before traveling is very important. However, many of us underestimate or even do not have time to pack before traveling. As a result, there are only important items that are left behind because they forget to be brought.


If this is the case, when traveling the holidays become less comfortable. Especially if the item is very important so inevitably has to be purchase again at the destination location. As a result, the cost of the holidays also swelled.

Things to bring when traveling

·         Backpack

Backpack is the first important item that you should bring when traveling. Why? Because when traveling to natural attractions that are quite heavy terrain, carrying a beautiful bag or small bag will be troublesome. It is better to bring a backpack so that you do not have to bring another Backpack also makes it easy for you to bring drinking water, laptops, DSLRs, and other items. Its strong and comfortable design can also make traveling more freely.

·         Small Towel

Many travelers forget to bring this important item. As a result, the body is not drain properly and arises panu or hives. If this happens, traveling that was intended to unwind even makes it a bad mood. Maybe the hotel where you stay provides towels, but it is better to bring your own small towels to make them more hygienic.

·         Bring cash

This is a problem that is often encountered by travelers, especially those who always rely on cards for payment tools. While traveling, do not let you forget to take cash. Also prepare small money for parking, paying buskers, or just to buy something in a small stall.

·         Medicines for Emergency Situations

Health during the holidays is very important. Do not ignore the condition of the body that feels bad. Immediately treat so that the holidays are always excited and energized. For that, bring important medicines when traveling, such as headache medicine, heartburn medicine, cold herbs, eucalyptus oil, and others.

What Items Must Be Brought To Save When Traveling?

1.      SIM Card or Portable Wifi

If on vacation abroad, sim card or portable wifi has become a mandatory item that should not be forgot especially if vacationing alone without taking a tour. Currently, the price of SIM Card International and Portable Wifi offered by many operators is very competitive and more practical if prepared from Indonesia before leaving for the destination country.

2.      Universal Adapter

Before departing, always remember to make sure the type of destination country plug pays attention to the country where you are transiting the trip. Do not let your gadget run out of battery power and require you to buy an international adapter that can cost up to Rp 200,000 even more if you are forced to buy it at the airport terminal.

Those are some of the equipment that you should bring so as not to be wasteful when traveling later. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about things to bring when traveling, hopefully for the people who read it.

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