Things to consider when traveling to Russia

By | January 6, 2022

Traveling to russia for the first time may seem like a crazy adventure – and although the ‘closed door’ policy has been around for almost a century, Russia isn’t scary at all. Although the tourist city is well equipped for visitors, there are some details to consider in advance.

traveling to russia
traveling to russia

By traveling to russia which is one of the foreign tourist destinations that are visited this season. Because it will be a reason for tourists to visit Russia. This is what makes Russia now filled with foreign tourists.

Things to consider when traveling to Russia

·         Visa

The first and foremost thing before vacationing abroad is to prepare important documents, such as passports and visas. Visa as an official document is a form of licensing a country to tourists to be able to enter and visit.

 To create a Russian visa, you must prepare a round trip airfare, proof of hotel booking or accommodation to be used, and a Visa Support Letter to complete the visa making requirements to this red bear country.

·         Appropriate clothing

Russia is known as a country that tends to be cold throughout the year with summers that feel hot and humid. Before leaving, you better do your research first, so you can adjust the clothes to be used so as not to be mistaken costume.

The selection of these clothes must also be adjusted to the tourist attractions to be visited. For example, if you plan to visit an orthodox church in Russia. Then women should wear skirts or trousers and wear head coverings.

·         Local regulations and culture

When visiting Russia, make sure you know the basic rules that are adhered to by the residents there. Photographing buildings or military forces, carrying only photocopies of passports while sightseeing. Or flying drones without permission are things that violate the rules. If you are used to smiling at people who are in new areas. You should not do this in Russia, because the Russian population only smiles at people they know.

What are the tourist attractions in Russia like?

1.      Kremlin

The Kremlin is a historic palace complex that existed from the 15th century. Which is now the official residence of the President of Russia. The Kremlin fortress is about 2 kilometers long, which stands on an area of about 27.5 hectares.

In the Kremlin there are also 20 towers that increasingly give an artistic feel to the area. In the Kremlin there is a location that is a favorite of tourists, namely armoury chamber. So many, tourist visits to Armoury Chambers are determined by the visiting hours chosen by the tourists.

2.      Lala Tulpan Mosque

Lala Tulpan Mosque is a mosque located in Ufa, Russia. What is interesting about the mosque is the shape of the building. Especially the shape of the top of the minaret of the mosque. The spire is shaped like a tulip. There are two minarets that are the same shape as if to be the main gate to the Lala Tulpan Mosque.

Lala Tulpan Mosque has a capacity of up to 1000 worshippers. The shape is also good, and has a dominant color of red, and white. Thank you for reading the article about things to consider when traveling to russia hopefully. For the people who read it.

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