Exciting Things to Do in Kyoto, Japan

By | December 6, 2021

When you visit Japan, make sure that Kyoto is on your destination list. It is because there are many exciting things to do in Kyoto. Kyoto served as the imperial capital of Japan until 1868, this town became the center of Japanese culture.

That is why you can only find Geisha with beautiful kimonos in this town. Besides, you also can find monks performing the ceremonies in temples. Even though Kyoto is well-known as the traditional center, this place also serves as a modern city. So, what fun activities can you do in there? Let’s explore.

1. Walkthrough Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine

Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine is an iconic treasure in Kyoto. You can find it at the end of the walkway which is made of orange torii gates. You need to wander for about one hour and a half to complete this walkway. After hiking, you can see wonderful views of Kyoto.

2. Walk around Southern Higashiyama

Southern Higashiyama is another great place to visit in Kyoto. In this district, you can find picturesque wooden houses. You can rent a Kimono then wander in this area by wearing Japanese attire. The best time to visit this place is in March. You can enjoy the Higashiyama Hanatouro Festival. At this festival, you can see thousands of lanterns on the street.

3. Go to Ginkaku-ji Temple

This temple is also called as Silver Pavilion. Ginkaku-ji is one of the most popular temples situated on the edge of Philosopher’s Path. The best time to visit this temple is in the morning so you can avoid the crowds.

4. Go to Kiyomizu-dera Temple

This temple is included in UNESCO World Heritage. This beautiful temple is surrounded by a lot of cherry blossom trees. In addition, Kiyomizu-dera temple is well-known for its magical features. If you close your eyes and walk through two stones in front of the Jishu Shrine successfully, you will be able to find your true love.

5. Watch adorable city view from Kyoto Tower

You can enjoy the panoramic view of Kyoto from the tallest structure in Kyoto. You can see the panoramic view by using a telescope. Besides, an LCD touch screen is also available. Through this screen, you can find out the name of the landmark that you see. The best time to visit Kyoto tower is at sunset.

6. Visit Monkey Park Iwatayama

Other fun things to do in Kyoto are visiting Iwatayama and playing with monkeys. When you visit this park, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. You can walk around in a park which is full of monkeys. So, be careful since the monkeys sometimes steal the visitors’ food.

7. Visit Nishiki Market

Going shopping and also enjoying delicious treats are great things to do in Kyoto. You can visit Nishiki Market to spend your day. In this place, you can purchase textiles, traditional crafts, snacks, and many more. You can enjoy many kinds of street foods such as dumplings, fish cakes, and yakitori.

Those are the best things to do in Kyoto. So, make sure that you do not miss visiting Kyoto when you are in Japan. Happy traveling.

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