5 Best Things to Do Santiago de Compostela, Spain

By | November 24, 2021

For hundreds of years, pilgrims route to Saint James’ Way every year and it also leads to Santiago de Compostela. As the capital city of Galicia, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Santiago de Compostela. Here are some ideas for you in this UNESCO world heritage city.

1. Explore the City

Once you arrive in Santiago, the city will embrace you so you can never leave. Its exquisite city landscape with winding streets and stone mansions gives you plenty of photo spots. You can explore the modern and historical side of the city. To start, visit The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela as this building is the icon of the city.

Afterward, continue the trip by exploring the old town or Zona Vella. Here, you can just walk through its arches, winding granite streets, squares, and also monuments. You can also find the oldest university building that will blow your mind. Collecting good pictures is the most interesting activity here. You can never run out of a spot. Every corner and every side is a fantastic background.

2. Enjoy Fine Dining

Strolling around Santiago de Compostela on a hungry stomach is not cool at all. But since this city is tempted with mouthwatering smells and tastes, you can always stop in fine restaurants or cafes. Besides, Galicia’s food is well-known for its freshness and delicacy.

So, try to come to Mercado de Abastos for a start. You can enjoy and feel the warmth and freshness of the fresh market. Here you can also enjoy tasting fresh seafood, various cheeses, and also Padron peppers. But above all, you must buy the tapas since this place offers the best in town. Afterward, close the day with Santiago cake and wash it down by having the best white wines.

3. Walking By Alameda Park

Feel the fresh air in Alameda Park, the most emblematic green spot in Santiago. This place is also a very good place to take photos with tree-framed or Cathedral as background. If you’re lucky to come in the right month, you may find some festival held there. Santiago is known for its busy calendar of festivals, though.

4. Visit Museo de Peregrinaciones

The next of this list about things to do in Santiago de Compostela is visiting Museo de Peregrinaciones. Santiago is best known as a pilgrim and its historical site. So, why don’t you complete the trip by visiting this museum? Inside the museum, you will be shown artifacts and relics dedicated to the pilgrimage. Take your time and enjoy every room in this museum.

5. Festive the Cultural Life

If there is a city in which the cultural life is so attractive, then Santiago is the place. To embrace all of this historical culture, you can easily find it in every corner of the city. From galleries, recitals of poetry, concerts, theatre, exhibition, or even pubs and cafes. Every place seems to celebrate its own way of honoring culture.

In conclusion, things to do in Santiago de Compostela are always related to the pilgrim route, historical buildings and landscape, and also cultural life. Enjoy every spot of Santiago and bring back unforgettable memories. It is also a romantic city to spend with your loved one.

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