Tiwanaku Bolivia: Here are Mysterious Things to Know

By | December 19, 2021

South America has become one of the places with a long history. It offers many archeological sites for tourists. Tiwanaku is one of the important archeological sites in South America that impressed many people. This is the most wanted archeological site by many tourists. The site became one of the important events in Bolivia’s history.

Where is Tiwanaku Located?

These archeological sites are located in the Bolivia Lake Titicaca. there are Many people call this site Tiahuanaco. in This site has a height of 3.850 meters. moreover The local government has private protection of this archeological area.

You need to take a minivan from La Paz city to get here. why? because This vehicle departs from the general cemetery area behind the flower market. You need to wait for an hour to get this minivan. so You will spend two hours getting there.

5 Mysterious Things to Know about Tiwanaku

There are many people who want to know mysterious things here. You will find many monuments and pyramids. Tourists can learn many historical stories here. There are not many people who know about this:

1. Severe Drought in 900 AD

There are not many people who know that a severe drought hit this region in 900 AD. This drought has lasted for several generations. The subsequent crop failure became the main reason for this case. This is the reason why there are many citizens who starve. so, many citizens decided to move to other areas.

2. The Incas Once Occupied

The Incas became one of the indigenous in Titicaca. Also As a part of its historical history, the Incas surpassed the still-existing Tiwanaku in the 15th century. The region began to decline in 900 AD and was not completely abandoned until the Millenial. moreover The indigenous people arrived in this area around 200 BC.

3. The Site Reflects the Political Structure

There are many sites with many shapes. Each one reflects the political structure of that period and its strong religious nature. therefore The Pyramid of Akapana has become the most awe-inspiring monument here. because The pyramid is 18 meters high and was originally built with seven stones.

4. Surrounded by Well-Drainage Canals

Have you heard that this site is surrounded by very well-drain canals? Because The indigenous people living here built drainage for agriculture. because There are many irrigation systems near Lake Titicaca. While This is the main reason why the region has a high level of technology during its period. So Many investigations indicate that it was originally cover with sandstone, with temples on top.

5. Aymara’s New Year celebration

And Aymara is Bolivia’s indigenous who still celebrates the new year on this site. During the new year’s celebration, the Aymara dressed in traditional Andean clothes. in addition There are many people who revelers chew coca leaves and drink Singani. so, At the end of the celebration, they climb into the peak of the temple to see the first sunrise.

There are many mysterious things that need to be know in Tiwanaku. After understanding these, you can make your plan to visit here. You will learn many historical things from Bolivia’s story. Are you interested in visiting here for your next holiday?

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