Torre De Belem: History, Architecture, Hours, and Tickets

By | November 19, 2021

If you like architecture, Lisbon is the right city for you to visit because it has many beautiful architectural buildings. One of the beautiful and historic architectural buildings is Torre De Belem. This tower is located on the beach in Belem so it has a very beautiful view and you don’t want to miss it.

The tower is so beautiful that it is the most iconic symbol of Lisbon. You can also enjoy the beauty of the building from the inside and see what the rooms are. If you want to know more about Torre de Belem, here is the review:

The History of Torre De Belem

At first, this ancient tower was a military function in Lisbon and has been on the World Heritage list since 1983. Construction of this tower began in 1516 and was led by military construction experts Francisco de Arruda and Diogo de Biotaca.

The construction period of this tower was completed in just 4 years. Its function was to defend Portugal from invaders who could come through the Tagus river. However, as conditions were no longer worrisome, this tower no longer served as a bastion. Therefore, this tower was used as a lighthouse, prison, and also tax collection center.

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What’s Inside Torre De Belem?

There are two main elements in this tower, the bastion and the tower itself. This tower has 5 floors, which has perfect architecture. The first floor is the governor’s room and in the corner, there is access to the bidding supervisor. Then, on the second floor is the hall of the kings, which has a dome-shaped ceiling and has a fireplace and balcony with beautiful views.

On the third floor is the courtroom overlooking the pretty bastion terrace. Next, on the fourth floor is the chapel and you can see the dome with certain symbols of Manueline architecture. While on the fifth floor, there is a terrace so you can see incredible views of the Tagus River and the chapel of San Jeronimo.

Opening Hours

From October to May, the tower is open from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Meanwhile, from June to September, the tower is open from 10 am to 6.30 pm. The tower closes every Monday, New Year’s Day, May Day (May 1), Easter Sunday, and also Christmas Day. However, even though it’s closed, you can still take photos of the exterior.

Ticket Price

The entrance fee to this tower is 6 Euros per adult. However, this tower is near the chapel of San Jeronimo, only a 10-15 minute walk. If you want to visit this tower as well as the chapel, you can get a combination ticket for only 12 Euros.

If you want to visit the Palace of Ajuda at once, you only need to pay for a ticket of 16 Euros. For adults aged 65 years and over, only pay half the ticket price. As for children under 12 years old, the entrance ticket is free. If you have a Lisbon Card, you can also enter for free.

That’s an interesting review of the Torre de Belem, the iconic building in Lisbon. It turns out that this tower is not only beautiful but has a meaningful history for the city of Lisbon. You can visit this tower to see the beauty of its architecture and the surrounding scenery that spoils your eyes.

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