Tour to Guatape: Get to Know the Best Activity to Do

By | December 7, 2021

Guatape has become one of the most beautiful places for holidays. There are many people who spend their holiday on a tour to Guatape. But, not everyone knows what they can do in Guatape. However, you can do many things. Before you take your holiday there, get to know some information about this.

General Information about Guatape

Guatape was a location in the center of Columbia, which was not far from Medellin. This is the best town visited by many tourists. You can also get here through Medellin. You need to take 82 kilometers from Medellin. This route can also be reached by bus transport. There are many great resorts here. If you have a lot’s time, you have to spend 2 nights in Guatape.

You need to take 2 hours if you choose bus transportation. The price of this bus is 15.000 COP per person. The bus will depart from Terminal del Norte and pass by the Mandelin Metro. It will take you 30 minutes to reach Guatape. In addition, taxis become your alternative means of transportation. You need to spend 270.000 COP to get there.

Things to Do in Guatape

Not everyone knows that many things can be done in Guatape. You can walk, climb, and swim on the beautiful streets. Guatape also offers you an unforgettable adventure. Here is the best thing to do in Guatape that you do.

1. Walking around Calle del Recuerdo

Calle del Recuerdo has become one of the beautiful places you can visit in Guatape. This is a village street with many different views. You can see the color combination between citizens’ homes. It is also a replica street of the old city of Guatape.

2. Climbing The La Piedra del Penol

This is the best recommendation to do in Guatape. La Piedra del Penol is an awesome rock with millions of stairs. There are lots of people who choose this activity for their tour to Guatape. This is the second-largest monolithic rock in South America. You can see the beautiful view at 650 feet in height.

There are many guides who provide services to climb this rock. You need to spend 18.000 COP to climb La Piedra del Penol. This rock is located not far from the center of Guatape. It takes 5 minutes to get here. There is a lot of transportation to get here such as a taxi or bus.

3. Swimming at La Cazuela Waterfall

Did you know that Guatape also has beautiful waterfalls? It is La Cazuela Waterfall, which becomes the favorite of many tourists. There are many people who swim in this waterfall. Here, you will feel like heaven. The location of this waterfall is in the middle of a jungle.

There are many people who say that the water is clear. The detail of this location is only 5 kilometers from San Rafael town. You can also rent a motorcycle to experience more adventure. For your vacation, this sounds interesting, right?

Those are the best thing to do in Guatape. It will be the best recommendation for you to tour to Guatape. You can set your time to have toured here. The best-recommended activity for climbing the La Piedra del Penol. Are you interested in visiting here?

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