Tourist Attractions In Belarus That You Should Visit

By | December 27, 2021

Traveling to Belarus will certainly make you far away from the noise of the city. You can find tourist attractions in Belarus  here that will make you happy. To be used as photo object and will also be very interesting and beautiful to visit.

Tourist Attractions In Belarus

Tourist Attractions in Belarus That you Need To visit

The unique and charming natural beauty will certainly be the main attraction when visiting Belarus. There are so  many amazing places. The following are recommendations for some tourist attractions that you should visit.

Radziwill Castle as A tourist attraction in Belarus

This Radziwill has a very famous legend as tourist attractions in Belarus  The famous story is that Radziwill’s wife lived in the castle and her mother-in-law did not like it. Mother-in-law has the initiative to need her daughter-in-law by giving poisoned apples. After eating the apple, Radziwill’s wife finally died. It is said that here at night there are frequent apparitions of Raziwill’s wife.

Mir Castle

Mir Castle is a very interesting tourist spot that offers an exploration journey from one building to another through underground tunnels. This place is so amazing.

Belarusian Great

The Belarusian Great is a museum. October 25, 1944 the museum was opened to the public and precisely after the Nazis attacked Belarus. Since 2012, it is estimated that there are 142,676 items on display at this tourist attractions in Belarus .

Pripytsky National Park

Pripystsky National Park is a natural place which is provide so many kinds of animals. Tourists can do photography and also go on safari. Visitors can also fish and hunt.

There are 51 species of mammals that live here , such as raccoons, otters to deer. In addition, there are also rare animals, namely Mink and Lynx. In addition there are also 250 species of birds that immigrate. This is amazing tourist attractions in Belarus.

Braslav Lakes

Belarus has many lakes, which is about 11,000 lakes. Braslav Lakes is beautiful lake in Belarus. This place is highly recommended for its natural beauty and ecosystem. And there will also be a pine forest with the three largest lakes, namely Snudy, Strusta and Dryvyaty.

National Academic Of Big Opera And Ballet Theater

National Academic Big Opera and Ballet Theatre is a place to see ballet dance performances. This is because the people of Belarus really like this dance. In Belarus there are also many easy and inexpensive dance lessons . It is one of amazing tourist attractions in Belarus . The show will be amazing if enjoyed together during a vacation in Belarus tourist attractions. The famous ballet performance is known as the Bolshoi Opera.

Lake Narach

Here, tourists can see views of the lake with an area of ​​79.6km2 and a length of 12.8km. The lake is estimated to have a depth of 24.8m. With such a lake condition, this place is very suitable as a tourist destination considering the very cool pine forest with the beautiful flow of the Narach River.

Those are some of the tourist attractions in Belarus that  are very amazing to visit. Have fun and memorable moments in Belarus.

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