Tourist Locations You Can Visit When You Come to Belarus

By | December 23, 2021

Belarus was formerly part of the Soviet Union. Independence in 1991, Belarus is still classified as a developing country and Belarus is still much of Belarus’s world that has not been touched by development. Here are tourist locations you can visit when you come to Belarus.

Tourist Locations

Tourist Locations You Can Visit When You Come to Belarus

Information about Although Belarus is part of the European continent, many Europeans themselves claim that they are not very familiar with Belarus. Thus, tourists have not explored much of Belarusian tourism.Whereas tourists can visit and explore many tourist sites. Here are  locations that can be your vacation reference if you want to vacation in Europe but with a different atmosphere:

Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress is a fortress located in the western region of Belarus. This fort used to be the location for the Belarusian population to survive for two weeks from German attacks in the second world war. Through Brest Fort tourists can see the remains of war bullets clearly.. From the legacy alone as tourist locations, you can already feel how gripping the events were, right, travelers?

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is located in the northern part of Belarus on the border with Poland. It is the largest forest Europe. European bison also inhabit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha forest area.

At the end of the second world war, the European bison population declined drastically to near extinction. A Polish scientist took bison from Germany who then researched and bred it. On the territory of Belarus and Poland there are about 5,000 European bison in the process. Tere is also a fence between the two countries. Because of this barrier, bison from the two countries cannot be confused. This is a good tourist locations.

Radziwill Castle

The 16th century, the Nesvish region, Radziwill Castle was built. Radziwill Castle was the first castle Europe in the Renaissance style. There is a legend in Radziwill Castle. It is said that the wife of Radziwill who lived in this castle was not liked by her mother-in-law.

One day his mother-in-law gave him a poisoned apple and his wife died from eating the apple. Since then in this castle often seen the figure of Radziwill’s wife who appears at night.This is a beautiful tourist locations.

Mir Castle

Mir castle is located a few kilometers from Radziwill Castle. Here travelers can explore from one building to another through tunnels that are underground. In summer there is a traditional dinner like the 17th to 19th centuries. In this banquet travelers can wear 17th century clothes and dance in the ballroom like the ancient people.

Belarusian Great

The Belarusian Great is in Minsk. This is a museum that exhibits traces of World War Two. The museum has been open since October 25, 1944, shortly after the Nazis invaded Belarus. In 2012 there were 142,676 items on display in this museum. Many people visit this tourist locations.

Pripyatsky National Park

Pripyatsky National Park is also known as the Amazon of Belarus due to the vast amount of forest and the abundance of swamps area. The tours that are most favored by visitors are safaris and photography where here you can find a variety of flora and fauna.

There are about 51 species of mammals such as deer, elk (a type of deer), raccoons, and beavers. There are also rare animals like Lynx and Mink. Around the Pripyet ​​river can also be found about 250 species of migratory birds. Apart from safari and photography, visitors also do many other activities such as fishing and hunting. Boat tours are also possible along the Pripya as tourist locations.

There are many tourist locations. You can visit in Belarus. Hope this article is useful.

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