Options of Tours from Paris to Palace of Versailles That Visitors Can Choose

By | November 27, 2021

If you’re planning a trip to France, then try to put Versailles as one of the places to visit in your itinerary. The location itself is not too far from Paris and you can get there by many modes of transportations. Luckily there are also many tours from Paris to the Palace of Versailles that you can follow.

There are many tours from Paris to the Palace of Versailles that people can choose from. Normally, each tour provides a different destination, cost, and offers. Therefore, it can be quite confusing to determine which tour is the best. To help you out here are some of the best tours and its offers that can help you enjoy the Palace of Versailles just in one day:

1. Full-Day Tour of Versailles With Lunch & Transportation

If you want to see the most spectacular rooms in the Palace and important sights in Versailles then follow this tour. The expert guide in this tour will invite you through a special entrance where you and the others can see the magnificent Hall of Mirrors in the Palace. You’ll also get stories and histories about the Royal Palace itself.

After the tour through the palace, you can get some free time strolling around the garden. In the afternoon, the guide will bring you important sights in Versailles such as Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s Estate. Don’t worry about the transportation and lunch, because it will be provided by the tour too.

2. A Guide to Versailles Palace By Train in 3 Hours

For those with a tight schedule, then this tour can be your option. People following this tour can get to Versailles by train and enter the Palace by a priority entrance. Therefore, they can cut the line without queuing. Visitors will then have 3 hours to stroll around the palace with the guide.

After the tour, visitors with tight schedules can go back to Paris on the next train schedule. However, if you still have free time, then stroll around the city until the last train schedule.

3. Visiting Giverny & Versailles

Make the best out of your time by joining this tour where you can visit both Giverny and Versailles in one day. By joining this tour, people can visit the palace and in Versailles and enjoy lunch there. If you want a quick trip inside the palace, then choose the audio guide. Then, if you have some spare time, stroll around the city until lunchtime.

After lunch, visitors will be brought to Giverny. On the tour to Giverny, people will get to see the Monet’s House and gardens. So, in one day, people can visit two places at once.

4. Versailles Bike Tour

If you want a unique way to stroll around the city, then follow this tour. Not only will you go to the farmers market to get some cheese and fruits, but you’ll also get to stroll around the city with your bike. The guide will bring your Chateau’s parkland to Grand and Petit Trianons. So, other than enjoying the view of the city, you can get some sweat too!

So, those are some of the tours from Paris to the Palace of Versailles that you can enjoy and follow. Make sure to ask about the transportation, meal, and lunch, so you can get the best offer.

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