Important Thing In The Preparing Tours Of Salar De Uyuni

By | December 3, 2021

Touring has become one of the most interesting activities that are done by every person. There are lots of awesome places that you need to visit as you tour. If you are a person who loves to tours of salar de uyuni becomes the best place that you can visit. The largest salt flat has 10.000 square kilometers.

It offers a different experience during touring. At some time, the near lake overflow and transform to be a reflection of the beautiful sky. This reflection becomes an interesting moment during touring.

3 Preparation Thing To Prepare Tours Of Salar De Uyuni

Preparation becomes one of the important things that have to be done before touring. During touring there are lots of bad things that are possible to happen. Salar de uyuni become one of the most extreme touring places. You will not find any supermarket or ATM machine there. Therefore, you have to prepare all thing before you have tours of salar de uyuni. Here are preparation things that you can do;

1. Preparing The Best Schedule To Get There

Located in two seasons, salar de uyuni have two different situations every year. The rainy season during December to April offers a mirror effect as a result of lake overflow. Besides, the dry season from May to November has to know. It offers you a drive to the beautiful place in the stark white landscape. 

So, before deciding to tour in Salar de Uyuni, you have to make sure what season you will go. It will help you to prepare all stuff during touring. You will easy to contact a tour guide when you have the best schedule, right?

2. Preparing The Route To Get There

Before you decide to go on salar de uyuni, make sure to take care of your budget. If you have lots of budget, you can use a guided service. But if you have a low budget you can use the bus to get there. There are buses which often offer to tour in salar de uyuni. 

This bus usually starts at 8 am. If you decide to get there by bus, get ready to have extreme travel. The bus will take off the very bumpy and dusty ride which makes nausea. So, prepare yourself to have extreme tours of salar de uyuni, right?

3. Preparing Stuff To Bring

It Is known that salar de uyuni is far from the central city or district. Preparing all stuff needed is really important before going there. There are kinds of stuff that one has to bring. That stuff such as warm clothes, a tower, little cash, a snack, and water. You also have to bring a camera to catch your touring experience here. 

The accommodation in salar de uyuni is super-basic. So never hope that you have exclusive accommodation, right? To take care of your eyes and skin, don’t forget to bring sunglasses and sunscreen. So, prepare everything before going there.

Those are important preparations before having tours of salar de uyuni. This preparation will help to enjoy the touring and catch the unforgettable experience here. Have you prepared all the things above?

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