Tips and tricks Traveling during a Pandemic

By | January 2, 2022

Vacation or traveling during a pandemic is very different from what we usually do. Because, there are additional health protocols that we must go through before traveling. It such as attaching vaccination certificates, proof of PCR test results or Covid-19 antigens, and quarantine to prevent coronavirus transmission.

traveling during a pandemic
traveling during a pandemic

Therefore, it is important that you follow the latest health rules and protocols to ensure safe traveling during a pandemic. Here are tips and tricks for you and your family can have a safe to vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tips and tricks Traveling during the Covid-19 Pandemic

·         Know the Limits

When you are at your destination. You will find activity restrictions or PPKM levels that may be different from where you live. Find out the requirements of activity in the region. Including on-site dining rules (dine in), shopping centers, attractions or tourist attractions, and other rules.

·         Select Safe Activity

Choose a safe activity after arriving at the tourist destination. When entering and leaving any facility or place. Make sure you always wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soapy water or hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to keep your mask on, keep your distance, and sanitize during the holidays later this year.

·         Make sure the Covid-19 Level in the Tourist Destination Area

Even if you have been vaccinated. You must ensure the level or level of Covid-19 in tourist destinations, both domestically and abroad. If the Covid-19 number is high, it poses a greater risk for you and your family to contract the coronavirus.

·         Plan for a Covid-19 Test

Before going on a year-end vacation. You should make sure the needs of Covid-19 test results as one of the conditions of travel. Check the applicable rules before conducting PCR or Antigen tests through official information, both from the government and airlines. Careful planning can reduce anxiety and save costs because you don’t need to do a Covid-19 test.

What countries should be visited when traveling at the end of the year?

1.      South Korea

One country that can be said to be starting to get attention and become a favorite destination in recent decades. In recent years maybe the world is starting to come under attack with the name of K-Pop fever or Korean Pop.

More or less, this also has an impact on the world of South Korean tourism. This is because there are many who are curious and want to see the atmosphere in South Korea itself. This is what makes South Korea one of the most famous end-of-year holiday destinations.

2.      Vietnam

This country is one that can be said to be quite interesting and exotic. There are many tourist attractions in Vietnam that you can visit and with the guarantee that your tour will not disappoint. This one country can indeed be said to be very suitable to be used as one of the end-of-year holiday destinations in the world. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about tips and tricks traveling during a pandemic, hopefully for the people who read it.

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