Best Spots to Visit for Traveling Europe That Tourists Must Know!

By | December 9, 2021

Traveling Europe is an experience that you’ll never forget. Not only are there many countries to visit, but on this continent, you can walk amidst living history to see real jaw-dropping views! No wonder 713 million tourists came to this continent in 2020-2021. But from all countries and spots, which is the best to visit?

Well, there is no answer to this question because all countries in Europe are worth visiting. Each country in Europe has a unique touch that makes it worth visiting. However, for those wondering, from all the countries there is, France is the most visited country, followed by Spain in second place.

Another question that many people are wondering about is when is the best time to visit Europe? And how long should they stay for the holiday? Well, this answer also depends on how you want your holiday. For those who have never seen snow before, then it is best to come to this continent from November to December. However, for those who can’t bear cold temperatures, then come around March-September, to get a warmer condition.

As for how long people should stay, the answer is around 2-4 weeks. At this time, you may not be able to visit all the countries on this continent, but at least you can visit some of the most popular and beautiful ones! Especially with the current condition of Covid-19, many countries apply self-isolation for tourists from different countries.

Best Places to Visit in Europe

The next thing you should prepare if you want to start traveling Europe is the countries and spots you want to see. As there are many countries on this continent, it is almost impossible to visit them all. So, to help you out make your itinerary, here are some of the best countries and spots that you must visit:

1. Big Ben, United Kingdom

When it comes to traveling Europe, visiting the United Kingdom is a must. In this country, there are plenty of cities to visit, however, the number one on the list is London. Coming to the United Kingdom is just not completed without visiting London, especially Big Ben.

This iconic tower is in the Palace of Westminster, London. When reaching this tower, people would not only be able to see the stunning tower but also follow a Big Ben guide tour that can get you inside. The tour itself is available on Saturday from 9.15 am until 04.30 pm. Whereas on peak seasons such as July and August the tour is available from Monday to Friday with the same timing. However, except on Wednesday, the tour is only available from 1.15 pm to 4.30 pm.

As one of the iconic places in London, tourists don’t need to worry about how to get here. There are many options of transportations from the bus, tube to train. If you want to get here by seeing the city, then you can also choose the famous double-decker bus.

Another great thing about visiting Big Ben is there are many attractions around the tower. After completing a tour, you can take another tour to Westminster or go on a river tour on the Thames River Cruise. As for those who are hungry, then just visit some big restaurants around Big Ben such as St. Stephen’s Tavern, Westminster Arms to London Marriott County Hall.

2. The Cotswold & Lake District, United Kingdom

If you have had enough of the crowded London, then take a rest and enjoy the beauty for traveling Europe. From all the countryside in the UK, the Central Cotswold and Lake District compete as the most beautiful escape. So, if you can visit both places, why not?

If you plan to visit Central Cotswold first, then get ready to explore many small and picturesque villages. Inside these villages, people will get to see authentic thatched and beamed cottages like they normally see in movies. As for those planning to come with their children, then make sure to make a stop at Cotswold Wildlife Park where families can see animals and mammals of all shapes.

After a tiring day, people can spend their time relaxing in the Roman Bath. This hot spa flows natural water that visitors can enjoy while experiencing a unique atmosphere. Before going into the hot spa, people can also visit the Roman Museum that is located just beside it.

As for those who prefer to visit the Lake District, then get ready to see the beautiful nature that you usually see in postcards only. One of the things you can do in this spot rather than seeing the beautiful lake is meet the stars at night. In winter, experts normally hold a Dark Sky Discovery on weekends where you can get spectacular night skies. On top of that, they’ll help prepare a cozy room with a roaring fire to help you stay comfy.

3. Eiffel Tower, France

The next iconic place for traveling Europe that tourists must also visit is the Eiffel Tower. Just like Big Ben, who doesn’t know the Eiffel Tower in Paris? And there is no way that you’ll miss this monument because it is gigantic and very eye-catching.

Now for those who are interested to get here, there are plenty of transportations available. However, if you want the best option, then take the RER C train to Champ de Marks. This station is very near to the Eiffel Tower, so it can be very crowded too.

If you prefer a less crowded option, then try hopping on metro line 8. Then, take an exit at metro line 6 or the Champ de Mars Garden. From this station you can already see the Eiffel Tower, however, you will need to take a 5-10 minutes’ walk before getting there.

Before reaching the tower, make sure you already have a ticket. If not, then the queue can be quite long and annoying. If you don’t want to wait too long, then try getting a ticket, online or a tour guide. Not only is it faster, sometimes it is even cheaper.

After getting the ticket, then enjoy the height of the tower by visiting the first, second to the top floor of the tower. This is not the best place for those who are fearful of heights, however, you can get a stunning view of this city from this point!

If you want a romantic view of the city and the tower, then it is best to come around noon. At night, people can enjoy the romantic view of the Eiffel Tower by having a picnic or dinner in the restaurant nearby.

4. The Verdon Gorges, France

The next best place in France that you must try to visit when traveling Europe is the Verdon Gorges in the South of France. As for those who don’t know, the Verdon Gorges is one of the largest Canyons in France and even in Europe! The views of the cliffs to the Verdon River here are just spectacular.

There are many ways people can enjoy Verdon Gorges and one of them is by road trip. If you’re on a tight schedule, then travel by car from one spot to another. However, if you have more time, it is best to spend the time doing some fun adventures such as hiking, rock climbing, and rafting. Doing these activities will not only give you a great experience but also a different point of view of the Verdon Gorges.

For those who love to hike, then one of the popular hikes that you must try here is the Blanc-Martel trail. This whole trail will take visitors around 7 hours, but don’t worry the view is outstanding and worth every step you take! If you are unsure of going alone, then you can hire a guide to accompany you through the hike.

This stunning spot in France is beautiful throughout the year. If you are planning to come here, then the time is best to come in Summer, especially if you want to have some adventure. However, keep in mind that in the Summer months this place can be quite crowded too.

5. Glendalough, Ireland

The next country in Europe that you must visit for your traveling Europe is Ireland. This country is not only popular for its fun celebration such as St. Patrick’s Day, but also their spellbinding settlement such as the Glendalough. When you get here, the first thing that you can do here is to discover the ancient Monastic City. In the area, you can see towers like Rapunzel to numerous churches and cemeteries.

If you want to stretch your leg, then continue your trip through Glendalough Valley. Meander around the valley to see a great view of the lake and the hills around. A full walk around the lakes will take around 4 hours. However, there are shorter options that you can choose if you are on a tight schedule.

The next great thing to do in Glendalough is to explore and get lost in the Secret Garden. Climb the tower in the garden to see 250 varieties of trees and plants that are stunning and amazing. Just by seeing the view in this area will make you relaxed and fresh.

However, for those who want a more relaxing experience, don’t forget to visit the Powerscourt Waterfall. In this spot, you can roll out a mat and have a picnic with your beloved ones. While enjoying your meal, you can play on the edge of the waterfall to feel the freshwater. Also, keep your eyes wide open to see red squirrels and cuckoos wandering around the pine and oak trees.

If you want to see a beautiful view, then the best time to come is in summer. However, the waterfall in winter also gives you a unique view that is different from summer. But if you can come in both seasons, why not enjoy both?

6. Sierra Nevada, Spanish

When you hear the spot, Sierra Nevada, don’t get it wrong because this spot is in Spanish not in the US. In Spain, Sierra Nevada is a natural park and a home to many of Spain’s highest mountains such as Mount Mulhacen. With many high mountains, this spot is also a great place to ski in the winter.

As one of the best spots in Spain and worth for traveling Europe, there are many alternatives of transportation that will get you here. People can get to the spot by bus, car or even a taxi. As for those from other countries, the nearest airport is to the Sierra Nevada in Granada. From the airport, you can take the bus to Granada and then travel directly to the Sierra Nevada.

One of the activities that you must do when you get here is skiing. There are more than a hundred kilometers of track that people can try with more than 124 pistes. With these many options, the track is great for all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. To enjoy the resorts, then make sure to come in November until early May.

As for those who don’t like to ski, the place itself is worth the visit. You can come and just sit in bars or restaurants to see the great mountain view. This stunning view will make your lunch or dinner just perfect and different from the normal ones.

7. Real Madrid City, Spanish

For those who are a fan of soccer, then visiting Real Madrid City is a must! This is one of the biggest and greatest sports facilities in Spanish or even in the world! Inside this training ground, people will not only see a great stadium but also the changing room of the top players in the world and a top list of traveling Europe!

If you want to see the inside of the training center, then you must book a tour first. The price of the tour starts from 12€ for the classic tour. As for those who don’t have a fixed schedule yet, then book the flexible tour, which starts from 15€. If you want to save some money, then it is best to book and buy a ticket online rather than offline. Don’t worry about the facilities as both tours include a tour to the Real Madrid C.F museum and a panoramic view from the inside of the stadium.

However, before booking or buying a ticket visitors should check the schedule first. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the tour is not available every day nor every weekend. So, before coming to the stadium, make sure they are open to the public.

Other than joining a tour, it is also best to see a match in this stadium! If you normally see football matches on TV only, then it is time to feel the atmosphere of a live match! Not only will it be fun and interesting, but you can also see the players from a close view. To get the best seats, don’t forget to book your tickets now.

8. Trevi Fountain, Italy

If you are going to Italy, then make a stop in Rome for your traveling Europe. As one of the most historical cities in the world, there are many attractions that you can see. One of the best spots to stop by in Rome is of course Trevi Fountain. There is no other landmark in the world like the Trevi fountain, from its size nor its artwork.

No matter how much you know about the fountain, one thing that almost all visitors know is the coin tradition. In this tradition, visitors will turn around and toss the coin over their shoulder into the fountain. They say if you throw 1 coin in, then you’ll surely come back to Rome. Whereas if you throw 2 coins, then you’ll come back and fall in love with a certain person. As if you succeed in throwing 3 coins, then the next additional statement is you’ll get married.

No one knows whether these statements are true or not. Whether it comes true or not, many tourists like to do this tradition and hope it comes true. After tossing in some coins, then continue the journey by visiting some spots near the tower such as small churches to Hammams Galore.

After wandering around the fountain, it is time to fill your stomach with some delicious food. There are many restaurants around the fountain however most of them are expensive and taste plain. So, to make sure that you taste good Italian food such as real tortellini, then visit Via Degli Avignonesi.

9. Matterhorn, Switzerland

No one can deny the beauty of Switzerland. Every part of this country is just truly beautiful and amazing to see for traveling Europe! From all the cities and spots there are, try visiting Matterhorn in Zermatt. No motorized vehicles can enter this city, except for e-bikes and electric cars. So, to get to Zermatt, people must ride a gondola or a train to the mountain resort. When you arrive at the station, you can ride a free shuttle from hotels around or rent an e-bike.

Luckily there are many ways you can enjoy Matterhorn in Zermatt. One of the easiest ways is by walking or hiking and cycling through the landscape. The trail for both walking and cycling is easy to complete, so even if you’re not a sporty person, this trail will not be a problem. Other than the Matterhorn itself, their many other recognizable peaks that will make your jaws drop.

Another great way to enjoy Matterhorn is by rising early in the morning to see the sunrise. At this time of the day, people will get to see the Matterhorn reflected in the lake and get the most iconic view. However, to enjoy this view, people must book a ticket in advance because it is open for limited visitors only. And they must also go on a 20-minute walk to arrive at the lake.

After seeing the sunrise, you can continue your trip by hiking the five-lake trail. Through this trail, you can see the view of Matterhorn from a different side and see the five stunning lakes. Don’t worry about the difficulty of the trail because it is easy and simple as most of them are mostly downhill.

10. Markt, Belgium

If you happen to come to Bruges, Belgium, then try to stop at Markt which is in the heart of the city as part of your traveling Europe. This location used to be an underground warehouse, a place for loading and unloading goods by commercial ship. Even though there is no more unloading and loading activity anymore, the canals are still there.

Now, what is so great about this area compared to other areas in Belgium? Well, first, Markt is a great combination between tradition and modern lifestyle. The architecture of the buildings and cafes in this area are mostly traditional, however, when you step inside everything is modern. Other than just seeing the stunning architecture, make sure to also get a snack inside the cafes. However, be aware that the cost of a snack and drink can be a bit expensive.

After getting your stomach filled, enjoy the atmosphere and view of the Markt by riding a horse-drawn or buggies. These rides will take you around and show you the atmosphere of the neighborhood. To get the best view and atmosphere, try to come here at night, especially in winter. Normally in winter, the Markt is full of Christmas decorations, which makes the vibe different and more special.

As for the entry fee, don’t worry because it is free of charge. You’ll only need to pay if you want to enjoy a ride on a horse or eat in a café. If you don’t want to spend any money, then just walk around the Markt neighborhood to see what is around.

11. L’Estaminet, Belgium

One of the things to do in Belgium is act like a local. So other than visiting museums and historical spots for traveling Europe, don’t forget to visit local bars and act like you are a local citizen. Now from all the popular bars and café’s there are, try to make a stop at L’Estaminet, in Bruges. This bar is not too far from the Rozenhoedkaai and Burg, so it won’t be too difficult to find it.

One of the great things about this pub is the atmosphere you will feel when you step inside. Most of the interior inside the café is made from wood, from its table, walls, benches to mirrors. So, by stepping into the pub, you will feel like you are eating in a last-century restaurant.

As you are in Belgium, make sure to taste their delicious foods such as spaghetti to cheese gratin. As for the desserts, make sure to taste their original chocolate. And as a famous pub in Belgium, make sure to take a sip of their famous drinks.

The best time to visit this pub is when there are big occasions such as Christmas or New year. The pub may be full, but the atmosphere is also more cheerful and exciting. However, as for those who just want to enjoy a calming dinner or lunch, then the bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday from midnight. Keep in mind that the restaurant doesn’t work with reservations. So, if you come here at night or in peak seasons, you’ll have to be patient waiting in the queue.

12. St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Ukraine

The number one destination that tourists must visit when traveling Europe and coming to Ukraine is surely Kyiv. In this capital city, people can see many historical attractions such as St. Sophia’s Cathedral. When you arrive at the church, you can see an astounding church with a unique color. However, the interesting part of this spot is not only the exterior but also the interior.

For those who don’t know, St. Sophia’s Cathedral is one of the oldest churches standing in Ukraine. This church was built to celebrate Prince Yaroslav’s victory after protecting the city from tribal raiders. In the old days, other than just a church, St. Sophia’s Cathedral was also a school and library in Kyivan. Other than that, the area around the church is also used to bury the Princes of Kyivan.

One of the things to do in St. Sophia’s Cathedral is to climb the bell tower. The climb can be a bit tiring, however, when you reach the top, you’ll see a bird’s eye view of the cathedral. And if you’re brave enough, you can also see a panorama view of the city.

After a tiring climb, then enjoy the interior of the church. One of the interesting views inside the church is the ancient paintings and mosaics. As there are hundreds and even thousands of them inside, you’ll surely have a great moment observing them one by one. For some people this can be boring, however for those who love art, this will be a great experience.

13. Ice Bar & Ice Hotel, Sweden

One of the best ways to spend the Christmas holiday is to visit Sweden in the winter as your way of traveling Europe. This country is famous for its unique and stunning view in Winter. Not only that, but they also have unique facilities that you can only enjoy in winters such as an ice bar and ice hotels in Jukkasjarvi, Swedish Lapland.

For those wondering, yes, the ice hotel is from real ice that people build each year. Normally the location of the new hotel is different from the old location. However, nowadays, people can enjoy the ice hotel all year long. This is because the ice hotel is now built in a natural cold land. However, the best time to visit this hotel is still in the winter.

Even though this is an ice hotel, people don’t need to worry that they will die freezing. The temperature inside these hotels is low but the hotels will provide facilities for their visitors so they can still feel comfortable inside.

Near the ice hotel, there is also an ice bar that people can visit. Just like any other bar, they serve drinks and food. However, what makes this bar different is everything is made from snow and ice, starting from the bar itself, the chairs to the decoration inside the bar. So, because everything is made from ice, don’t get too shocked by the cold temperature.

If you still have time, then make sure to take a visit to the Abisko National Park. This a great place for all kinds of snow activities such as skiing to sliding. However, one of the most popular things to do here is to see the aurora borealis. If you get to see this stunning view, then make sure to capture this moment because this scene is unpredictable.

14. Skansen Open Air & Vasa Museum, Sweden

Even though there are many great places to visit in Winter, Sweden is still great to visit in Summer. If you plan traveling Europe and visit this country in Summer, then come and visit Stockholm. As one of the biggest cities in Sweden, there are plenty of tourist attractions that you can visit such as the Skansen Open Air Museum & Vasa Museum. Even though they are both museums, they offer different entertainment for their visitors.

The first place to visit in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum, which is on the island of Djurgarden. Inside this museum, visitors can see the warship Vasa that sank in 1628. After 333 years inside the ocean floor, the ship was finally saved and brought to land. Now through the Vasa Museum, visitors can see how big and great this ship is.

If you are with your kids, then the Skansen Open Air Museum is an attraction that they will love. The is one of the oldest open-air museums in the world that is still available until now! Unlike other museums, the Open-Air Museum is outdoors and has many unique attractions that will entertain all visitors. They even have concerts and traditional festivals on special moments of the year.

Now if you want to visit these places for free, then make sure to have a Stockholm pass. With this pass, you can visit many attractions in Stockholm or even Sweden for free! Yes, without having to pay any more, you can enjoy many attractions in Sweden. Luckily, anyone can apply for these passes including tourists. So, make sure to apply for these passes when you arrive in Sweden.

15. Liutov House, Bulgaria

Just like other countries in Europe, Bulgaria has many cities that have stunning views and histories. However, unlike other cities, Koprivshtitsa doesn’t have a big attraction that makes it popular throughout the world for traveling Europe. What makes this city interesting and special is the city itself with its attractive culture. But from all the spots there are in the city, try visiting Liutov House.

This is not a normal house, because it is now a museum that displays the local arts. Before it was a museum, the house was a house of wealthy merchants that liked to travel around the world. After he came home, he asked a local painter to decorate his house based on the places he had visited.

Despite the beautiful painting, inside the house, visitors can also see local arts that people call Kene and Plasti. Kene is a crochet lace that people make using silk threads. Normally they make this piece of art on plain fabric, but some are also available in bigger fabrics, such as on carpets. On the other hand, plasti is a local craft that locals make from wool.

After seeing the beautiful museum, you can then enjoy the city by horse or donkey cart. Just rent a cart and stroll around the city to get the best view of the town! There are also charming trails that will lead you to the heart of the mountain where you can get a panoramic view of the city. So, even if there are no big attractions in Koprivshtitsa, the city itself is interesting to see.

16. Santa Claus Village, Finland

One of the best ways to make your kids happy when traveling Europe is to let them meet Santa Claus in the Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi. Yes, in this city you and your kids will get the chance to meet real Santa and his friends too. There is even a Santa express shuttle that will bring you from Rovaniemi straight to Santa’s home. However, for those who are flying to Rovaniemi, then you can go directly to his home because it’s just 3 km away from the airport.

When visiting Santa, kids can listen to Santa’s journey and his preparation for that year. While listening to his stories, kids can also taste the traditional cookies and gingerbread that Mrs. Claus makes. As for those who want to see Santa face to face, then make sure to sign in line as soon as the visiting hours open. If not, then the queue can take hours, especially in winter or Christmas.

After visiting Santa, get a ride on the reindeer sled to see the village around. The sled is made with special wood with pillows and blankets that will make your journey comfortable in the cold snow. Just keep in mind that reindeer are shy animals and it takes years to train them. So, when you get a ride on their sled, make sure to stay calm and not be too noisy.

However, the great thing about Santa Claus Village is it is open throughout the years. So, people can visit Santa and Mrs. Clause any time of the year. But if you want the best time and atmosphere, then winter, especially Christmas, is the best time of year to visit this village!

17. Cross Country Skiing in Lapland, Finland

If you’re looking for another way to spend the winter holiday while traveling Europe in Finland, then come across Lapland in Rovaniemi. With its great dry consistent snow, the place is great for doing any kind of snow sport such as skiing to snowshoes. However, skiing in this spot is not normal skiing because you can also go on a ski trekking safari to a forest skiing experience to see the nature around.

From all the options available, skiing under the northern lights is the best option you can choose. Not only will you get a great experience of skiing, but you can also see nature’s light that is sometimes green yellowish to purple. Normally this light starts to light up around September and March when the sky starts clearing up. To get the best view of the light, make sure to go far away from the ambient light.

To make sure you’re on the right track, there are many tours and guides that you can join. Following these guides can give you great benefits because you don’t need to worry about renting ski equipment. Other than that, your ski adventure can be more fun and safer with a guide!

If you’re going on a holiday with smaller kids, don’t worry because you can still have fun with them by sliding and snowshoeing. In this area, there are also many small hills where you can enjoy sliding with your kids and family. Don’t worry about the slides because there are plenty of places that rent slides too.

To make sure you and your families feel comfortable through the holiday, don’t forget to double up your clothing. Normally from November to January, the temperature can be quite low and very cold.

18. Belem Tower, Portugal

As one UNESCO world heritage site, Belem Tower is an attraction that tourists must visit when traveling Europe! In the old days, this tower was built as a tower to defend the city. However, years later, people used the tower as a lighthouse and custom house. Today, the tower is a museum that people can visit and learn history from.

Overall, the tower has five floors that will lead them to the roof terrace. Luckily, tourists can enter each floor of the tower and see what story lies behind each floor. However, each floor is connected with a narrow and small staircase. So, if you come here in peak seasons, you’ll have to take turns going up and down the stairs.

A special note that people must pay attention to before coming here is the opening time. Normally from October to April, they open from 10 am to noon around 5.30 pm. However, in other months from May & September, they close later at 6.30 pm. But due to the Covid-19 situation, the schedule can change, so make sure to recheck, so that you don’t get disappointed when you get there.

As for the ticket price, adults cost €6 whereas kids under 12 years old are free. If you are a senior, then bring your youth card to get a 50% discount. If you have a Lisboa card, then the entrance fee is free for you! After wandering around the Belem Tower, you can also visit other attractions near the area such as the Jeronimos Monastery.

19. Pena Palace, Portugal

The next city other than Lisbon in Portugal for traveling Europe that offers beautiful attractions is Sintra. This city is around 39 km from Lisbon. Luckily, you can get to this city by train in only 40 minutes! Now the star attraction in this city is, of course, the Pena Palace. This palace is just like the ones you see in fairy tales in Disney movies or even better because many of them are colorful and unique.

One of the reasons why they are unique is because of the mixed architecture. Some of the castles include Renaissance, while others use Moorish style. With this unique architecture, one of the best ways to capture the palace is from the outside. However, if you step inside the palace, you will also see amazing stucco and amazing paintings.

After wandering around the palace, make sure to take some time to visit Pena Park. This is the garden that surrounds the palace with exotic trees and plants. Other than seeing the beautiful plants, don’t forget to see the best view of the palace and city from Cruz Alta. If the sky is clear on that day, you can even see Lisbon from a far sight. However, the best timing is still at noon where you can see the sunset.

20. Musikverein, Austria

For those who love classical music, then there is no better place to come when traveling Europe than Vienna, Austria. As the home of Mozart, this city has many opera houses that hold many orchestral performances that can spoil your ears. Of all the concert houses there are in Vienna, Musikverein is possibly one of the best music venues that hold a wide range of performances.

The first concert that was held in this building was Beethoven’s Egmont overture. After the amazing performance, many other compositions also held a concert in this building such as Strauss, Bruckner to Mahler. Other than a concert venue, this building is also a home for one of the finest orchestras in the world, Wiener Philharmoniker.

For those who want to see the finest orchestra, then book a ticket for Christmas or New Year. Normally every year, they hold a classical music event in this building to welcome and celebrate the upcoming year. As for those who want to see other concerts, then don’t forget to check out their official website. The management usually keeps the website updated with their upcoming concerts with the price too.

If you don’t have time to see any concerts during the holiday, then just join a tour to explore the inside of this opera house. The tour is in English, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding what the guide will say. However, to join the tour, make sure to serve a place first before it gets full.

21. Amalienbad Pool, Austria

Even though there are many historical places in Austria, one of the places you should visit when traveling Europe in this country is the Amalienbad pool. Yes, this is a public pool and spa that is open for all genders. Normally, this building was built to provide bathing and washing facilities for their citizens. However, as time passed, the Amalienbad is now a public pool that everyone can enjoy.

One of the things that makes this public pool interesting and different from others is the architecture of the building. It is designed in a classically modern style. There is also a movable roof that can open in just 3 minutes. However, from all the rooms and places in the building, the tiling in the women’s sauna is the most eye-catching one.

Another great thing about this pool is that with a handful of Euros, you’ll not only get to enjoy the pool but also a full spa experience. This way you can relax your body after a tiring day. However, as for those who want to continue the night with some fun parties, then continue here in this pool.

Make sure to keep your eyes open on the dates because this pool often holds many late-night pool parties. During these parties, there will be many light installations and DJs that will complete your night! Make sure to check their websites to get updates on the upcoming parties.

22. Volendam, Marken, Edam, and Windmill Day Trip, Dutch

Volendam, Marken, Edam, and Windmills day trip is must-do when you visit Amsterdam, Dutch. Leaving busy but artistic Amsterdam for this trip must be on your to-do list. It is a fantastic destination for traveling Europe because you can experience how traditional Dutch used to live.

Volendam, Marken, Edam, and Windmill’s day trip is a part of the Amsterdam tour and you can start by visiting a welcoming fishing village. Once you get there, Lake Ijsselmeer is the first spot you will see in the old fishing village of Volendam. Don’t forget to take pictures in a traditional costume.

Dutch is also famous for its fine cheese called Gouda. Volendam by all means is home to one of the best cheese factories in Amsterdam. By visiting Cheese Factory Volendam, you can experience making cheese. There will be a demonstration and tourists may have a bite of this delightful cheese.

Not quite different from Volendam, Marken is also a very beautiful village with colorful wooden houses. It is a perfect place to walk by a stony village road while breathing fresh air. Marken also has a well-kept garden in every house. You can also enjoy canals, ports, and bridges.

This village is also home to one of the most famous cheeses in the world, Edam cheese. There are many things to explore here from seeing how windmills line along the lake to strolling around the village. You can have as many pictures as you like because this place has a lot of pretty spots.

23. Canal Cruise, Dutch

Known as Venice of the North, Amsterdam has one of the best canal cruises in Europe. As a capital city to Dutch or Holland, Amsterdam is a unique city. Here are the reasons why a canal cruise must be on your bucket list of traveling Europe when you visit Amsterdam

A canal cruise is one of the main attractions in the city of Amsterdam. Canals in Amsterdam have been the most important transportation way in the old time. The canal maze connects and attracts merchandisers from all over the world to trade. Therefore, living surrounded by the canal will be prosperous.

Nowadays, a city cruise is the best way to explore the city. You can see the impressive buildings, historical buildings, tunnels, and bridges in the city from the boat. Don’t worry, this cruise is available in 19 languages.

UNESCO includes Amsterdam as a World Heritage List, one of them because of the canals. Amsterdam’s canals have existed since the 17th century and witnessed many big events happening in the city. The canals also become symbols of the high value of culture and history. Don’t you want to be part of this glorious history?

Enjoying Amsterdam at night is the best way by having an evening cruise. Cruising in the historical canals, crossing under the bridge where the moon hangs in the sky is so romantic. You can have a 90 minutes evening cruise to spend with your loved one.

Canal cruise offers you the best attraction of Amsterdam. However, a watery area in Amsterdam continues to be lost due to the need for housing. With more than 1,1 million people living in the city, maintaining the canals can be harder.

24. Grodno, Belarus

When you are in Belarus, try to step aside from the tourist crowd in Minsk or Mir. Try to go far west to Grodno where you will find a historical yet peaceful area. From castles to parks, a cathedral to a military parade, there are many things you can do when traveling Europe.

Exploring the Jesuit cathedral is one of the activities you can do. This church has been the city’s main cathedral since 1678 and still acts until now. The exterior is exceptional with green and white color. Located in the Soviet Square, you can step inside to embrace the glorious feeling. This place is also the most popular spot for photoshoots.

On other days, try to visit Park Zhilibera. Unlike the usual park in Europe where the leafy tree stands alongside the park road, parks in Grodno have no leafy tree. Park Zhilibera for example where you can only find pine trees dominating the park. But this park is the perfect place to see the Soviet War Memorial. This park also has quiet bars and cafes by the river.

The military parade is also one of the main attractions. This parade is usually held in February during the public holiday of Armed Forces Day or Defender of the Fatherland. But if you cannot visit Belarus in February, you can still have another military parade on national holidays. There will be displays of tanks, guns, and parades held in Lenin Squares.

The journey to Old Castle is something you cannot miss. Located atop the hill by the river, you can reach the castle by crossing the bridge. The vast exhibition in this castle will satisfy you. The guest will learn about prehistoric times to modern days. Don’t hesitate to bring kids since it is good to boost their historical knowledge.

25. Bialowieza Forest National Park, Belarus

Belarus is also known as the home to UNESCO’s world heritage park, Bialowieza Forest National Park. In this 150 thousand ha area, you can breathe fresh air or morning breeze. As a national park, Bialowieza Forest vegetation is lush green and unspoiled nature. This forest is also home to bison, the biggest mammals in Europe.

Located close to the border of Belarus in the northeastern part of Poland, this forest is sometimes considered a rural area. The fastest way to get there is from Bialystok where you only need 1h 45m driving. But if you happen to be in Warsaw or Lublin, you will need 3,5 hours driving to get there.

If you want to visit this forest for your traveling Europe trip, then you can come any time all year around. But if you want to get the best season and view, then you should come in late spring or early autumn. It is because all tourist attractions are available. From hiking to biking or just a morning walk in sunny weather.

Another activity is -if you’re lucky- is to spot the king of Puszcza Bialowieza, bison. There are at least 800 of them living in this park. But, if you don’t want to gamble, you can just visit the European Bison Show Reserve. Other mammals you can see in this park are boars, wolves, and others. Since you will be in the open air, prepare yourself to dress properly.

This national park also has a Nature and Forest Museum where you can learn about how important this national park is. Don’t worry about getting bored, this museum is very attractive and fun. And don’t forget to visit Baba Yaga Hut for more fun.

26. Black Forrest, Germany

Visiting Germany for the traveling Europe isn’t complete without visiting Black Forrest. Dense pine trees dominate the vegetation so it kind of blocks the sunlight and that’s where the name comes from. If you want to experience nature and all activities here, try to stay for 3 days or a week for maximum satisfaction. There are many things to do, from romantic to relaxing soak, and also hiking.

One thing, in particular, you must do when you visit Black Forrest is soak your body in thermal springs. There are at least 12 thermal springs available to relax your body and soul. Don’t forget to visit Baden-Baden, the elegant town that has more than 30 spas. One of them is the Friedrichsbad Roman-Irish Bath in this historical bathing temple.

Another activity you can do is visiting the German Clock Museum where you see a collection of cuckoo clocks from 160 years ago. There are at least 8000 collections of watches and clocks from around the globe. Black Forrest has long been known as cuckoo clock home and has been producing this clock since the 16th century. There is also the Black Forrest Open Air Museum that exhibits the history and culture of the area.

The easiest way to get there is from Frankfurt, Germany. But you can also take a bus or train to get to Black Forrest since all railways and buses have a stop at Black Forrest. But, if you want to rent a car, then it would be an option too. Instead, you can get the best view of the scenery at the side of the road.

27. Europa Park, Germany

If you visit Germany with kids when traveling Europe, then Europa Park is a must-visit. Still located in the same area as Black Forrest, this park is so relaxing yet fun. Considered as the biggest family-run park in Europe, there are many activities you and your kids can do here. It has a selection of theme parks, the camp resort completed with the wagon, log cabin, teepees, campsite, and even water swimming lake.

Europa Park routinely hosts fantastic events on a specific date such as Halloween or Christmas. But, despite the special date, the park opens throughout the year with tons of children and adult attractions. Don’t bother with the queues since this park is well managed and visitors normally only queue for only 30 minutes for every spot.

Remember that this park is not only for children but also for adults. So, you must experience the biggest, fastest, and extreme roller coaster in the world. You can also enter Euro-Tower to see the entire Black Forrest in the best view. Moreover, don’t forget to jump in the virtual reality ride you can never experience before.

This park also spares you from hunger since there are choices of cafes to Michelin’s starred restaurants. Besides, you must brave yourself to go to the FoodLoop Restaurant where your food will be served by a mini roller coaster. Please be informed that there will be a queue, but it moves quickly. Seal the day with evening entertainment of fireworks or laser displays.

28. City of The Dead, Russia

If you’re a fan of mystery and supernatural things, then you should come to the City of The Dead in North Ossetia, Russia. It is a mysterious village or Dargavs that is hidden away in one of the mountains in the Caucasus Mountains. This place offers an extraordinary adventure, especially in archeological things. But, you must remain careful and respect it since this site is still feared by the locals.

The location of this site is somehow so challenging to reach. You must drive through windy and dangerous roads to reach the hill slope nearby Fiagdon River. Once you get there, you will find the village lying in the middle of the mountain valley. The entire area is about 10,6 miles with 13,000 feet peaks looming over the village. There, also lies an ancient cemetery with hundreds of ancient stone crypts.

Even though myths and legends surround this area, the view from atop the hill is so beautiful and worth traveling Europe. You may not find any living soul in the village, but you can still find the remains. The houses and crypts are in very good condition. Moreover, the crypt is like a pyramidal complex, and the wall is made of stone blocks and mortars.

Every pyramid has a square window to put corpses in. One of the interesting things is that there is a dead boatman and woman buried here along with their boat. No one knows how the boat was there since there was no navigable river nearby the location. Another interesting thing is that dead bodies were buried with their belongings. So, the more you have the bigger the tomb is.

29. Canal Tour, Russia

If a tour to the Kremlin is too ordinary for you, then try to have a canal tour when you are in Russia for traveling Europe. You can enjoy seeing architecture alongside the canal in St. Petersburg. The tour will let you see buildings in the neoclassical to Romantical style of early 1800. The water area is pretty much part of the city where brick stone-built alongside the canal.

St. Petersburg canal and river still play a key role in modern days, one of them is for tourism. Back then, canals and rivers are where traders and merchandisers met. The canals also function as valves to prevent the city from flooding. By having a canal boat trip, you can enjoy breezy days and warm sunny days. Or even better, a romantic evening under a twilight sky of White Nights and raised bridges.

Neva River is one of the rivers you may cross when you take a canal tour in St. Petersburg. At the riverbank, you can see churches, cathedrals, palaces, and even fortresses. If you’re lucky, you can spot a beautiful sunset from the boat. Another river will be The Bolshaya Neva where you can enjoy historical buildings standing at the riverbank.

The Bolshaya Neva is 3,62 km long and has various widths from 200 to 400 meters. The water itself is calm and clear. You can relax on the boat by having warm coffee or tea and enjoying the wind. The boat itself moves slow and fast at certain times. It gives you time to take pictures or videos without worrying about missing your favorite spot.

30. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the perfect city to spend your holiday for traveling Europe where you can enjoy the spirit of the modern world, luxurious adventures, and cultural scenes. The city is filled with historical settings but at the same time gives you modern vibes you cannot resist. Moreover, the city has beautiful beaches, trendy shopping centers, cozy neighborhoods, and fantastic spots for photos.

The first thing you can do when you are in Tallinn is to visit the old town. Here, you will find a medieval building where castles and towers still stand in very good condition. There are also plenty of romantic spots where you can share a hug or hold hands with your loved one. The enchanting architecture makes Tallinn the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe.

The next place to go in Tallinn is the beach. Tallinn’s beaches are sandy with a cozy coastline where you can enjoy walking by the promenades. In the summer, tourists may enjoy sunbathing and sunset in the evening. From the beach, you may see one of the best views of the iconic cityscape and violet sky looming over the city.

The city is also home to a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, and street food. More than that, you can spend your cash at the local store where you can buy souvenirs, fashion items, accessories, jewelry, and many other cute things. Also, pay a visit to the zoo where it has a collection of 11,000 mammals.

If you want to step aside from the busy city, then try to go west to The Rocca al Mare. A district along the coast of Kopli Bay. Here, you can experience the rustic side of the Estonian farmhouses, relax on the beach along the bay, and visit the shops.

Come Back for More!

After reading the list, you’ll realize even more that Europe is a stunning continent that has many beautiful places. Traveling Europe will never be enough in 2-4 weeks! However, this is the shortest time you’ll need to at least see some of the beauty on this continent.

As for the best time to visit, most people will say autumn to winter. Because in these seasons, the atmosphere in most countries in Europe is just different and unique. So, if you are planning a winter holiday, then traveling to Europe is surely the best option.

The next thing people need to be concerned about is the condition of COVID-19 in each country. As the conditions in each country are different, the regulations are also different. So, before you plan the holiday, make sure to check out the conditions and regulations of each country too. Therefore, you don’t waste most of your time with self-isolation.

So, those are some of the best countries and spots for traveling Europe! As one of the biggest continents in the world, there are plenty of attractions to see from each country. If you want to see them all, then make sure to come back to this continent to see more of what they have!

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