Traveling in Belarus

By | December 23, 2021

For those of you who are interested in doing hibernation away from the noise of a crowded city, it is very suitable if Belarus tourist attractions become the next tourist destination. Here you can find lots of very beautiful and enchanting areas for photo objects. Here are some recommendations for the best place for traveling in Belarus.

Traveling in Belarus

Traveling in Belarus

Bress Fortress

Interested in enjoying the ancient sights of Belarus? A tourist spot in the form of a fort is located in the west of Belarus. In ancient times, this fort was used as a place of refuge by the local community for two years to avoid attacks from Germany.

Along with your footsteps treading part by part of the Bress Fortress, you will find lots of bullet marks from the war in ancient times. In fact, when you enter this Belarus tourist attraction, you will feel a tense atmosphere which is certainly full of historical value in ancient times. It is a good place for traveling in Belarus.

Belovezhkaya Pushcha

Known as the largest forest in Europe, this location is home to herds of bison in Europe. Unfortunately, at the end of the second world war, the bison population had decreased to the point where it was thought to be extinct.

Luckily a scientist from Poland took one of the biso to do research and breed it. Until now, there are at least 5,000 bison scattered in Europe, especially in Poland and Belarus. Interestingly, the two countries have built a barrier so that the two bulls never get confused. The best place to visit when traveling in Belarus.

Radziwill Castle

First built in the 16th century, this Belarus tourist attraction is a castile in Europe with a Renaissance style. Known as Radziwill Castle, this building turned out to have left a legend about Radziwill. Until now Belarusians still remember the story.

That the Mother of Radziwill did not like her wife or daughter-in-law living in the castle. Until in the end, the mother-in-law took the initiative to need her daughter-in-law by trying to give poisoned apples. After eating the apple, Radziwill’s wife died. Many say that in Belarusian tourist attractions at night there are frequent sightings of Raziwill’s wife. You can visit here while traveling in Belarus.

Mir Castle

Not far from Radziwill Castle, another Belarus tourist attraction that is no less interesting is Mir Castle. A tourist spot that offers an exploration journey from one building to another through this underground tunnel will provide a very memorable trip.

When you visit in the summer while traveling in Belarus, you will find a lot of traditional banquets like in the 17th century to the 19th century. In the banquet, visitors can wear typical 17th century clothes and also have the opportunity to dance in a ballroom like an ancient party.

Belarusian Great

If you are traveling to Minsk, make sure you stop at the Great Belarusian which is part of the Belarus tourist itinerary. A museum on this one will introduce visitors to various traces of the second world war. It was first opened on October 25, 1944, precisely after the Nazis attacked Belarus. This Belarusian attraction has exhibited 142,676 items since 2012.

Those are some of Belarus’ tourist destinations that are interesting destinations to visit during the long holiday. Various natural scenery as well as old buildings are very suitable as photo spots. So, don’t miss out on various exciting and memorable moments while traveling in Belarus.

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