Types of Traveler who like to travel

By | January 2, 2022

There are many types of traveler who want to travel around the world. They generally travel because they have their interests.  It turns out that the destinations and needs of travelers are different.


There are those who occasionally just to eliminate fatigue due to daily busyness, adventure to a new place to learn the culture of the local community, traveling with friends, solo traveler, and there are also those who move from one country to another because of the demands of work.

Types of Traveler who like to travel

·         Travelers who like to explore culinary

If you feel like you are in the type of culinary walker, then you are a person who likes to dabble in food from various regions. Your goal is to go or travel solely because you want to taste food in the destination area. Well, this trip for eating purposes makes you not focused or no matter what landscape is there. You only focus on what unique foods you can find.

·         Traveler collecting panoramic photos

Those who fall into this category are usually travelers who double as photographers. They attach great importance to landscapes or panoramas. The tool for shooting photos is not playful. Generally, they carry professional cameras everywhere to get beautiful photos. The importance of the road is to photograph, not just taste food or meet new people.

·         Travelers who like to meet and chat with locals

Travelers who travel to meet new people, meet with locals. You don’t really care about photos, food, or good views. What’s important to you is to communicate with new people and establish brotherhood. That way, you already feel alive.

·         Cultural Traveler

Adventure to a new place to learn the culture of the local community is the goal of cultural traveler. Usually they will visit a city or country that is rich in history. The European continent became the most popular place for tourists of this type because of the many history stored there.

·         Backpacker

Backpackers will prioritize the principle of saving in every vacation opportunity. Usually the intended trip and vacation time was sudden, not planned at all. If you look at promo tickets, you don’t need to think a lot directly about the message! Because it’s rare to get cheap tickets. For accommodation, they also do not bother.

What is the difference between a Solo Traveler and a Group Traveler?

         a.         Solo Traveler

Solo travelers who often walk alone. The person is simple and does not want to be complicated, for that he if the holiday prefers to be alone. Very independent, brave, and do not think too much about how much the holiday will run out later. Because if itself, all costs are borne by themselves. Starting from transport, lodging, food, tourist destination entrance tickets, and souvenirs.

         b.         Group Traveler

If you prefer a vacation with friends, then you belong to this type. There are even holidays with new friends. For example, when you take a trip to Mount Bromo, then you will meet with other travelers. The thing is that you will have new acquaintances, expand your network of friends, and interact with other travelers. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about types of traveler who like to travel, hopefully for the people who read it.

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