Vacation? Why Not To Go To Beautiful Dutch for Traveling

By | December 27, 2021

The Netherlands is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe and even the world. The country known as the Land of the Windmills has so many interesting tourist attractions. That are highly recommended to visit beautiful Dutch.

Tourist attractions in the Netherlands are so diverse. It is from natural attractions. There are such as mountains, clean rivers, beautiful tulip flower gardens with their colors and also other tourist attractions. There are such as windmills, museums, historical buildings to sports stadiums.

Beautiful Dutch

Place to Visit in Beautiful Dutch for Traveling

You will get almost all tourist attractions in the Netherlands. There are all well maintained. Beautiful Dutch have a lot of  place to visit. It is great experiences.

Of course all these tourist attractions are very beautiful and very Instagramable, so make sure your smartphone memory is ready to capture all the beautiful moments that you will get there. So, what tourist attractions should you visit? Check it out!

Anne Frank House Photo in Beautiful Dutch

Anne Frank House is one of the wizarding places in the Netherlands that became one of the silent witnesses of Nazi atrocities. This place is a museum that is used to tell the biography of Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager living in the beautiful Dutch. After Anne Frank’s diary was found and made into a book, many people were curious. So that this house was converted into a museum containing photos and personal objects belonging to Anne Frank and her family.

Amsterdam Arena

For those of you who like football, you must visit this place, namely the Amsterdam Arena. The Amsterdam Arena is the largest football stadium in the Netherlands and is also the headquarters of one of the Dutch clubs, Ajax.


For those of you who like shopping, you can visit Bloemenmarkt. Bloemenmarkt is the only floating flower market in the world, which has been around since 1862. Beautiful Dutch have so many flower grow up.

This market is located on the single canal and has more than 15 florists, souvenir shops, garden supply stores and more. This tourist spot in the Netherlands is quite popular and visited by many tourists, so it is not surprising that this place is filled with tourists who want to shop.

De Gooyer Windmill

Windmills in the beautiful Dutch made of wood. This windmill was built since the 16th century and was formerly called The Funen Molen / The Mill of The Funen then changed to De Gooyer Windmill.

 De Dam

De Dam or popularly called Dam Square is one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands.Many local residents visit this place, but also many foreign tourists who visit The interesting thing about this place is that there are thousands of doves. Here we can also feed the pigeons that are around us.


As one of the producers of cheese in beautiful Dutch, Edam also offers an interesting holiday sensation. Here you can also see historical buildings such as the Edam Museum, Weigh House, Grote Kerk, Twon Hall and the main attraction here is the Cheese Market.


Giethoorn is one of the best and most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. Here you can also take a boat to go down the canal while getting to know the history of Giethoorn Village. Environmental conditions that are still beautiful and clean rivers will make you feel at home and reluctant to leave this one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands.

Hoge Veluwe

Hoge Veluwe is a Dutch national park consisting of desert, grassland and forest. This national park has an area of approximately 5,500 hectares located in the city of Arnhem, Netherlands. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the national park with a variety of fauna and flora contained in it by cycling.

That is place to visit in beautiful Dutch, how this article useful.

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