Vilu War Museum – Exploring Historical World War II Relics

By | December 26, 2021

Vilu War Museum is a suitable destination for those who like history. Another name of this place is Vilu Military Museum. This open-air museum displays the collections of American and Japanese war equipment. You can find the remains of aircraft as well as artillery pieces in this museum.

Do you want to find out more information related to this Vilu Military Museum? Just scroll down this page to find the details about Vilu Military museum location, collections, open hours, and its condition.

The Location

The location of this Vilu War Museum is in Vilu Village on Guadalcanal Island in Solomon. This museum is about 25 kilometers from Honiara. From Honiara, you can drive to the west and pass several beaches.

When you have reached Bonegi Beach, you need to drive further for 10 minutes. You have to cross several bridges until you reach the end of the sealed road. After that, you still need to travel about 1,3 kilometers. Then, you can turn left and drive on this road until you find a sign entitled Vilu Museum.

Open Hour and Entrance Ticket fee

Vilu Military Museum is open every day from Monday to Sunday. In addition, this museum is open from 9 AM up to 5 PM. To enter this museum, you have to pay the entrance fee for about 100 Solomon dollars for adults. Besides the ticket for kids costs 20 Solomon dollars. This ticket fee is worth spending. With this affordable ticket, you can explore the rusting weapons and wrecks.

Museum Collections

This museum is very attractive, especially for World War II enthusiasts. Fred Kona built this museum in 1975 and he operated it until he died. After his death, his family continues managing this museum.

Vilu Military Museum contains an assortment of war relics from America, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. The open-air museum displays artillery pieces, aircraft, as well as unexploded shells. These relics are in various conditions.

The types of aircraft you can find in this museum are Japanese Betty Bomber, Corsair, Wildcat, and Lockheed Lightning. In addition, the artillery pieces you can find are a medium tank, gun, and a howitzer. Here are several collections of Vilu Military Museum.

  • Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat
  • Mitsubishi G4M3
  • Douglas SBC-5 Dauntless
  • Vought F4U-1 Corsair
  • Japanese Howitzer
  • Bomb Casing
  • Japanese Tank with Rocket
  • Zero Drop Tank
  • Japanese Aircraft Wing
  • American F4U Corsair Cockpit, and many more

The Recent Condition of Vilu War Museum

Since the location is hidden behind the forest, only a few visitors come to the museum. The owner states that they have no money to operate the museum. So, many workers of the museum are laid off. This makes the condition of the museum are not organized well. The grasses and the falling trees make this museum looks not maintained.

Therefore, the owner of the Vilu War Museum asks for support from the government to maintain the museum. The relics of World War II are Solomon’s heritage. So, if you want to support this museum, do not forget to visit this war museum when you are going to Solomon Island. The ticket fee you spend is precious to maintain the museum.

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