Visiting Mont Saint Michel? Make Sure to Check These Out First!

By | November 29, 2021

Other than Eiffel, another place in France that is visited by many visitors each year is the Mont Saint Michel. This place offers outstanding beauty throughout the year which makes it interesting to see. Now before coming here, people must know that visiting Mont Saint Michel is not easy as it is a small island.

Mont Saint Michel is in the Manche department, where it lies around 66 km from north of Rennes and 52 km from East of Saint-Malo. Even though the island is far from the cities, this place is worth the time and money to visit. Now, for those planning to visit Mont Saint Michel, here are some things you should need to know:

1. Transportation & Duration

Even though there are no direct trains to this island from Paris people can still get there through other modes of transportation such as cars and buses. If you are from Paris, then the simplest way to get there is by direct train to Rennes. From Rennes, people can choose between using direct shuttle buses or renting a private car.

It takes around 3 hours from Paris to Rennes and another 1-hour drive to Mont Saint Michel. So overall, whether you choose to ride a bus or rent a car, it will take 4 hours total from Paris to Mont Saint Michel. Visiting Mont Saint Michel can be quite exhausting; therefore, it is best to stay overnight in the area.

2. Check Out the Tides

When visiting Mont Saint Michel, people must check out the tides. The tides in this area are ever-changing which can change your plans in visiting the island. During the high tide, the visual of the Mont Saint Michel is amazing because it looks like it’s hovering above the water.

As when the tides are low, the appearance of Mont Saint Michel will be surrounded by sand where visitors can get a different view. However, this situation can be a bit dangerous, so make sure to have a professional guide to accompany you.

3. Many Walking & Climbing

If you decide to explore each detail inside, then make sure to wear some comfortable footwear. There will be many stairs that you will have to climb to get to a certain area. Strolling around the island can only be done by walking too. Therefore, make sure to wear comfortable footwear.

4. Get Your Lunch

Other than seeing the great view, one thing to do when visiting Mont Saint Michel is get lunch on the island. One of the notable spots is La Mere Poulard which is near the King’s Gate. One of the most popular menus to order is fluffy omelets and crepes. Some people even say that it is the best cooking in the world! If you do decide to get lunch here, make sure to make a reservation first so you don’t have to queue in line too long.

Visiting Mont Saint Michel can be tiring and exhausting. However, after seeing the incredible view and tasting the delicious foods there, everything is worth it. So, if you do plan to go to France, make sure to make some of this great island.

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