What to Do at Stockholm? Here are the 5 Most Popular Activities You Can Do!

By | November 21, 2021

Stockholm is an astonishing city to explore. As the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm offers you both urban and historical life. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about what to do at Stockholm as you will find many attractions, places to go, and where to eat there.

1. Explore Old Town

Let’s start with the most iconic place in Stockholm, The Old Town or also famously known as Gamla Stan. Located at the heart of Stockholm, there are several areas worth exploring. First, you can start by visiting Stortorget where the colorful historical buildings will stun your eyes. Take your time to take pictures, shop for a souvenir, and take a bite of delightful food in this artistic area.

Not only are iconic buildings in Stortorget, but Old Town has also more to explore such as The Great Church where you will see the astonishing architecture of the 1300th era and The Dragon. You can also visit The Royal Palace to visit Museum Hop, the royal family of Swedish officially live here. But today, the main function of this place is for the Royal Court office.

2. Enjoy Quiet Life of Sodermalm

After relishing the busy but artistic city, it’s time to enjoy a low part of Stockholm where you can feel calm and at peace. Simply visit the island of Sodermalm to catch the astonishing sunset and sunrise from Monteliliusvagen. This place offers you historical buildings such as city halls, cafes, restaurants, or you can only walk around the area to take pictures.

In this place, you can also visit Fotografiska, a very special museum of which photography is the main exhibition. Famously known as No Ordinary Museum, you can enjoy a collection of accomplished photographers. Don’t forget to reward yourself with delicate coffee and pastry at the veranda. There, you can enjoy the view of Gamla Stan by the water.

3. Stockholm Boat Tour

Stockholm is also called the Venice of The North because of the waterways and lakes. During the summer, boats, and ships of various sizes and shapes awash the city. So, take a boat tour to experience a city tour from the water. Royal Canal Tour will take you to enjoy under bridges of the city where you can hop off at waterside restaurants or cafes. What to do at Stockholm can never be complete without this.

4. Shopping at Ostermalm

Don’t leave Stockholm without a collection of local designers. You need to drop on this most exclusive district in the entire city. For example, at Biblioteksgatan, you can find a bunch of boutiques and flagship shops selling Scandinavian designs. Also, continue to Stureplan to get a glimpse of posh shops. If money isn’t a problem, the sky-high price at this store will never bother you.

5. Lunch at Rosendals Garden

Seal the trip with farm-to-table at the very iconic Rosendals Garden. Here, you can relax by enjoying the orchard garden, gardens, and also greenhouses. The most interesting part is where you will be introduced to the biodynamic and organic gardening way. After that, fill your belly with fresh baked goods with ingredients from the farm to your table.

What to do at Stockholm is countless attractions, activities, and also places to go. This city is home to historical buildings, architecture structures, fancy shops, designers, museums, landscape, and not to mention a calm water area. Visiting this astonishing city is a must-do.

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