Where Do You Want to Visit In Sweden?

By | December 27, 2021

Where do you want to visit in Sweden? Some people don’t know Sweden, but one of these European countries is not one of the most popular travel destinations for Indonesians. But the charm of this country is as attractive as any other European country. 

Visit In Sweden
Visit In Sweden

Place to Visit In Sweden

In addition, this country is the third largest country in the European Union. In short, Sweden has some interesting attractions that you can visit and enjoy in this one area.

National Headquarters Tower

The first tourist attraction to visit in Sweden is the Kakunas Tower in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The tower is now open to the public and is intended for visitors to enjoy 360-degree views of Stockholm. Here, visitors can enjoy views of the city of Stockholm from the courtyard, which is about 150 meters high.

 We recommend visiting this tower on a sunny day so that you can see the beautiful city of Stockholm from a distance of more than 60 km. To get to this place, it’s very easy to take a public bus that stops right under the tower. The place itself is open daily from Monday to Saturday and this place is open from 10 am to 9 pm.


The closest town or tourist destination to visit in Sweden is Millesgarden. This place opens your horizons through works of art. Milles Garden itself is an open-air museum with a variety of unique and interesting garden sculptures. Its location is on the island of Lidingo, which is still the capital of Sweden.

The  museum itself is on the ground floor of the house of  sculptor Carl Milles and his wife. Famous as artists, both of them were later buried in their own homes. As a record, Milles Garden itself is the location of the opening scene of Tauzero’s science fiction novel. Some garden sculptures are also mentioned in the book.

Nobel Museum

The museum itself was opened in 2001. As the name implies, the museum provides a variety of information along with a profile, from Nobel Prize selection to a list of winners. The museum also provides more information about Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize. In addition, you can  try different kinds of scientific demonstrations at this place. Of course, visitors can try as if they were scientists while visit in Sweden.

Nordic Museum

As for the museum, the tourist attraction in Sweden this time is the Nordic Museum. The museum was built in 1873 under the leadership of Artur Hazelius. Located in downtown Stockholm, originally known as the Scandinavian Ethnographic Collection, it was renamed the Northern Folklore Museum in 1880. Inside the museum, or more precisely in the museum hall, you will see a giant statue of King Gustav Vasa, the founder of Sweden.

Step into the deeper areas and you’ll see a variety of collections about the lives of Scandinavian people from about 500 years ago. Here’s how Scandinavian society changes from time to time. It starts with hairstyles, clothing styles, various children’s games, furniture and more. Brands of shampoos and soaps used in ancient times are also on display at the museum. You will enjoy visit in Sweden

There are some interesting places to visit in Sweden. Hope this can be your references.

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