Where Do You Want To Visit in Ukraine?

By | December 27, 2021

 Ukraine is the largest country on the European continent of the former Soviet Union and offers many beautiful and interesting ,attractions, both for city tours and natural attractions. It is also a romantic country when you visit in Ukraine.

Visit in Ukraine

Place to Visit In Ukraine

There are beautiful buildings that can ruin the eyes of tourists. The capital is full of medieval classicist buildings, from museums to sacred buildings. Here are some tourist attractions for you to travel to Ukraine. It’s funny and shameful if you don’t visit:


 In addition, there are some interesting public places to visit. Therefore, you can not only see the buildings with fascinating architectural works, but also take a historic tour of Kiev. Kiev is the best city for city travelers who have little time visit in Ukraine.

Some of the  places you can visit in Kiev are Kiev Pechersk Cathedral and St. Sophia Cathedral, Cougar Kleschatyk and Nezarez Nosti Maidan, and Golden Gate and many other beautiful and interesting attractions.

Marble arch cave

Ukraine, Europe’s largest country, is full of beautiful and beautiful natural attractions. One of Ukraine’s most frequent natural attractions is the Crimea Marble Cave. The cave is interesting because it is one of the seven natural wonders you have to visit in Ukraine.

This beautiful marble cave is so popular and well-known among Europeans that it can be called a local tourist. You can enjoy the beauty of the cave on a boat trip. This marble cave is also named as one of the five most beautiful caves in the world, so this tourist destination is a must-see when you are in Ukraine.

Ascania, Nova

Besides Marble Arch Cave, Ascania and Nova, other Eastern European attractions are also one of Ukraine’s seven natural wonders. This area is a nature reserve. The location is Kherson Oblast when you visit in Ukraine.

Only 15 UAH will be charged to enjoy or book the zoo area. On the other hand, the cost of the minibus used for the tour is 35 UAH per person. Askania Nova is open daily from 8am to 5pm.

This nature reserve is very large, consisting of open spaces with lush greenery, including a botanical garden and a zoo. Ticket prices are also quite cheap. There is also a minibus facility where you can explore nature reserves at a reasonable price when visit in Ukraine

Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love and Tunnel of Love are also very popular and famous. The tunnel is full of vine leaves and has a long, mysterious corridor filled with the leaves of the vines and has a long, mysterious passage filled with greenery like in a fairy tale. There are many tourists who are curious about this tunnel of love. The tunnel of love is a beautiful and interesting place to take pictures because it is unique when you to visit in Ukraine.

There are information about place to you to visit in Ukraine. Hope you will make plan go there.

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