Where you Want To Go When Vacation in United Kingdom?

By | December 31, 2021

Are you confused about choosing the right place for vacation? Perhaps for those who are on vacation in the UK, here is some interesting information you can use as a reference before you go on vacation in the UK. Vacation in United Kingdom will be great idea for you.

Vacation in United Kingdom

Place to Visit if you have Vacation in United Kingdom

The following are some of the UK’s attractions that should be used as tourist destinations. Of course, if you and your family can get there, it’s a rare opportunity and it’s worth taking the opportunity to never come out again. Here is a list of tourist attractions in the UK

Vacation in United Kingdom Big Ben

Big Ben was the city of London’s giant clock and later became the city’s famous icon. Many tourists are attracted to Big Ben because of its high historical value. Also, above the Elizabeth Tower, this watch is 96 meters high. The clock alone has a diameter of 7m and the bell weighs 16 tons. It is good place to visit white you have vacation in United Kingdom

Tower bridge

One of the most famous bridges in the world, Tower Bridge spans the River Thames and connects Southwark (north) with the city of London on the south. Gray Gothic architecture adds to  the beauty of this bridge.  Another feature that can only be seen at Tower Bridge is that the bridge is cut in the middle. This allows the sides of the bridge to be lifted to an angle of 86 degrees. Ships with high masts can easily cross the bridge, which facilitates traffic below. This is the inspiration for other viaducts.


One of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions for tourists’ vacation in United Kingdom the country is the Cotswolds. Famous British films such as “The Casual Vacation,” “Poldark,” and  “Wolf Hall” are often filmed here, so you’re probably familiar with the Cotswolds look. Here you can find another tourist sensation on foot or by bike.

The Cotswolds offer a unique setting in a rustic setting surrounded by an area of ​​honey-colored limestone. In addition, the combination of ancient buildings such as Chipping Norton and Castle Combe with the rare ancient beech forests adds to the attraction of tourists.


The next must-see attraction while vacation in United Kingdom is Stonehenge. The building was built by a group of old men who left no trace or record during the construction process. This is the wealth of the world that needs to be properly protected. In fact, studies have shown that  mysterious stones placed in this pattern have existed since 2500 BC.

The purpose of building Stonehenge is still under debate among experts. No clear reason was found for Stonehenge to be built, but many sources say Stonehenge is often used as the center of religious ceremonies performed by the community.

Lake District National Park

Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Cumbrian region, including mountains, lakes and hills created by glacier erosion. Therefore, even in nature, there is once again the wisdom that some perspectives can leave a dramatic or stimulating impression. This is one of the interesting place while you have vacation in United Kingdom.

There are great place to visit while you vacation in United Kingdom. Are you interested to go here?

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